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Celebrities are known to have become famous in order for people to recognize and respect who they are. They strive for the admiration and adoration of millions of people to feel momentous. Attention is a display of value towards a person whether good or bad. Which makes you ponder the question: why do people go to extremes in order to get attention? People lie, have sex, and get purposefully sick in order to draw attention to themselves. The key reason people do this is because they were neglected as children, have low self-esteem, and are obsessively jealous. Those are extremely important factors on the reason why people try so hard to get noticed.
The first main reason people go to extremes in order to get attention is because they were neglected at home and as children. Growing up in the flesh makes it humanly normal to want the love and affection from your parents. But if it is not received, that is how a person may grow up to be an attention seeker. Jennifer Magid found out that there is evidence that parents who are too attuned to their own emotions and not enough to their kids tend to produce children who are insecurely attached. (Magid, 45) Marya Hornbacher stated “My mother has spent her whole life trying to please her father, and I, in turn, have spent my life trying to please my mother. It became obvious to me that trying to get approval was an exhausting fruitless exercise.”(98) She also stated “I was flattered, And God help me I was proud. Something has been confirmed: I was worth giving a sh** about. Maybe I was getting good at this (throwing up), good enough to scare people. Maybe almost die and balance there at the edge of a cliff wavering while they gasped and clutched one another’s arms.”(81) M. Farouk Radwan indicated that attention seekers may do inappropriate things like lying to get attention or recognition. As a child the person may not have gotten as much attention and feel neglected. (Radwan, 15) Firecracker Films in their production of Egomania stated that attention seekers have this drug-like need called Narcissistic supply. Narcissistic supply contains all forms of attention wanting, whether good or bad. (Soldinger, 2007) Growing up in a world where they might feel left out and unimportant would make a person attempt to feel special. That is why they lie and over exaggerate in order to make themselves seem more significant.
The second reason people go to extremes in order to get attention is because they have low self-esteem. Self-esteem is the root on how someone thinks about themselves and that usually affects a person’s behavior. Someone with really high self-esteem may come off as narcissistic and cocky. While someone with low self-esteem may seem despairing and desperate. People with low self-esteem may have the need to feel superior because they don’t trust themselves and need the confirmation of others. Sultan Aisha stated that attention seekers “seek” affirmation and admiration to support a fragile...

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