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In A Hmong Professional Woman’s Reflections and Perspectives on the Influences Affecting the Changing Roles of Hmong Women in America by Pao Lor discussed Hmong women and their duty in Hmong culture. In addition, Lor explained the differences of how religion and cultural practices impact Hmong women back in homeland and Hmong women now in the United States. Furthermore, a participant from Lor’s study shared her experience as a typical Hmong woman who came to the United States at a young age, pursued a career and is now an educator. On top of that she is a wife to a Hmong man and a mother to five children. The participant expressed her culture, gender, and traditional religion values and belief. Sharing the experience of duty of a daughter-in-law and wife and having to make sure she continues to stand her ground being a Hmong professional woman and not just be view as an ordinary Hmong daughter-in-law or wife. Women were taught to possess ...view middle of the document...

However, it did not stop me from practicing and learning about my Hmong culture. The Hmong culture is a vibrant culture that holds many ancestry traditions and practices. In our religion, we value and respect our ancestors as our divinity. Instead of attending a mosque, in Hmong culture we worship our ancestors in our own homes. Even until today Hmong culture traditions are still practiced and had been used on different racial and ethnic group. For an example, there had been a few cases in the Hmong community where the Hmong ritual practice had been used to cure sickness, health conditions, and cure soul regarding spiritual belief on different racial groups. Therefore, with respect to the minimum resources of Hmong culture, all Hmong practices their culture tradition and ancestry rituals. As for being women in Hmong culture, women was prohibited from activities or resources that involved men. According to Lor, in Hmong culture, the cult of domesticity was influential of women’s roles. Women in Hmong culture were not allowed to eat at the same table as men, speak back to the elders, and must obey their elders, in-laws and husband. Women are also not allowed to handle funeral services, practice certain skills or talents that are especially for only boys, or take on leadership roles.
The Hmong religious ideology would change the Twin Cities culture due to the unequal society. The society would result in a gender role separation. Men are more dominated and women are below men. In Hmong culture, the separation would lead to many problems. It restrained women in regards of relationships, marriage, gender roles and possibly daily life. I believe that if everyone followed the old tradition it would be less productive than now because Hmong women now have different views on marriage and education. The new generation of Hmong women's views on marriage and education is avoiding early marriage and hold strong determination to complete schooling. It seen that Hmong women or women in general had stepped out of the eggshell our culture had created women to be and advocated for our rights as human beings. Therefore, I believe that if the Twin Cities followed the old tradition women would never get this far in life as today.

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