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Real Madrid Club de FutbolCase Studyby Kurt EschbacherAbstractThe case study is about one of the best known and best playing soccer team in the world, Real Madrid.It tries to backlight the myth of soccer and the tremendous merchandising system behind soccer. Especially the era of Florentino Pérez, who brought a new dimension in managing and merchandising soccer clubs to Spain, will be analyzed in detail.soccer The gameWhat makes a team like Real Madrid so interesting for sponsors and fans worldwide? What makes soccer so interesting for us?Soccer is the world's most popular sport. Nearly every child kicked a soccer ball once in his live. More than 240 million people play at least once a week.Such a big sport needs a big parent organization in its background. This job is done by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The FIFA which was founded 1904 in Paris established a unified set of rules. This rules are easy to understand and are of course one of the reasons why soccer is so popular all over the world. Also the time a soccer game lasts is defined by the FIFA, its two halves of 45 minutes split by a 15 minute brake. In elimination games an overtime of two times 15 minutes and also a penalty shoot-out at the end of overtime is possible. This is a big advantage for sponsors and TV broadcasts compared to other sports like American football or boxing where the time for a game or fight is nearly unpredictable. You can have 12 rounds of barn-storming fight or a knockout after 10 seconds. At soccer games they can calculate and time their spots and broadcasting exactly. There is also the FIFA World championship which is the second largest worldwide sport event beside the Olympic Games. In 2002 the FIFA World championship had a cumulative audience of 28 billion viewers over 25 match days. This huge audience is another reason why soccer is so interesting for sponsors.The European soccer is organized by the UEFA and its 52 national associations. The UEFA Champions League is the mayor seasonal competition for the best European clubs and the stage for teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United.Soccer The businessIn the past gate receipts were the most important income for a soccer club, also for professionals.But in the 1990s a change of business model went through the professional soccer teams in Europe.In Europe the hosting club of a soccer game receives all the gate receipts. Another source of income is local sponsorship. But the new merchandize model targets a worldwide audience. Manchester United for example was able to allocate 45 million supporters worldwide. Compared to the 6 million supporters in their own country this was a totally new market with huge chances. To supply all different target groups of fans they set up sub brands like "Fred the Red" for children selling T-shirt, balls etc, "MUFC" for teenagers selling products with attributes of rebelliousness friendship. "Red Devil" targets adults and...

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1510 words - 7 pages SOPHMORE YEAR HIM I remember the first thing I said to her. “Hello, I’m Sebastian, but you can call me Seb if you want.” “ Hi, I’m Lavender, but you can call me Lavender” she tittered, her voice mellifluous, like honey. “ It’s just I want to make it easier for people to say my name so they don’t have to say the full thing, you know?” “ Do you like your name?” “Umm yeah I guess” I answered this after a long pause, reasoning a right answer to give

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2722 words - 11 pages Hello and Goodbye            There had been none like him, and there will be none to come. Jimi Hendrix revolutionized the way guitar and music in general is played. It is rare to hear a modern guitarist play and not sense Hendrix’s influence. Jimi Hendrix was a mirror of his era in that he epitomized the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” life style of the late 60s. Hendrix is still immensely


602 words - 3 pages and dance classes was difficult, it helped me refine my time management skills. Growing up in the culturally diverse Hong Kong has enabled me to meet choreographers, teachers and professional dancers from around the world, whom I had the opportunity to work with doing various jobs, charity events and workshops. Collaborating with them increased my work ethic, communication skills, and gave me an insight on the standard that was required to pursue


2089 words - 9 pages The cynical act of deceiving the less clever is, in fact, the gracious act of conveying a “truth” to the same latter group. This ideal is constantly formulated by a central government for the sole purpose of maintaining the classes at the status quo. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, an allegorical satirical novel, the subject of Orwell’s satire is the byproduct of a revolution with Communist roots symbolized by a rebellion on a farm by the


897 words - 4 pages Political institutions have been part of humanity since the beginning of societies. Institutions have developed in different organizational performances and have shaped in what they are nowadays. Institutions have shown us that they are necessary and essential for all societies around the world. We never realize how important and how essential they are for our daily lives, but more than that, we never realize how institutions affect or


1770 words - 8 pages Context: This part of the text is included at the beginning of the drama, telling the audience about Salem and its people. The author explains how a theocracy would lead to a tragedy like the Salem witch-hunts. This is the initial setting and is based on the principle that some people should be included and some excluded from society, according to their religious beliefs and their actions. This is basically the idea that religious passion, taken

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2645 words - 11 pages come out and be completely vocal about their sexuality; these celebrities not only opened doors for homosexuals but they have gained respected throughout the world. These infamous celebrities are not only highly thought of for their involvement in the entertainment industry worldwide and talent, but are also appreciated for their individuality and uniqueness. According to Linda Hirshman the following celebrities have came out of the closet “Ellen


1197 words - 5 pages , (quote) . In a real world example, say there is teacher A and two students, student 1 and student 2. If teacher A was to falsely confide in student 1 that student 2 thought he was an ignorant idiot and the he was better than him and claimed the two would fight, the next day or week, student 1 may pick a fight with student 2 if given an opportunity . Teacher A could be considered a master of fate or simply a manipulative being toying with two humans

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1415 words - 6 pages budget of about 14 billion dollars per year (2). At the moment the director of the NSA is Keith B. Alexander who has served since 2005 and is the 16th director of the NSA since its inception. Although the NSA was created in 1952 the history and origins of the NSA can be traced backed, though under different aliases, to as early as World War I where the army collected information from foreign radio messages and then in World War II used

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866 words - 4 pages services and most important ones and those we use most often are World Wide Web, communication and data transfer. Development of the Internet has had a great impact on telecommunications and communication in general, development of different media, the way we learn, work and socialize. Information technology develops its creative ways of information use and transfer, building and strengthening our network society. The way that the Internet enables

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1050 words - 4 pages Introduction to The Forestry Industry With Canada containing 10 percent of all forests around the world, Canada definitely is the worlds leading exporter in a variety of forestry products. The forestry industry has not only provided a variety of jobs for people living in rural areas throughout Canada but it has increased our Canadian economy by billions of dollars in Gross Domestic Product. The forestry industry certainly has a long way to go

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Hello World Essay

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Hello World Essay

1808 words - 7 pages This document contains excerpts from the Architecture and Solution Guides to provide an overview of the Business to Consumer solution.Features and Design Focus This installable Web site demonstrates features such as support for anonymous shoppers, registration/authentication, storing profile information, a shopping cart, support for multiple catalogs, browse or search catalogs, address book management, and splitting shipments between multiple

Hello World Essay

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1077 words - 5 pages the way to Florida. My cell phone was still confiscated for misbehaving months before, leaving me with no contact to the outside world. I was left to talk only with my family and those from church. Out of all the people in the world, I merely had the people who couldn’t possibly understand. I could not speak to them if I wanted to. No one noticed anything was wrong. No one from school even tried to talk to me. No one was left for me. Every night