Help Me Maybe Essay

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As his body enters the school Stiles flails in his mind. There is no way that this is going to end well.

The Nogitsune has a plan, but he has no clue as to what that plan might be. He can feel it thinking and planning something that just feels evil and terrible and dark. His void body continues through the school and down into the basement. His shoulder shrugs up the bag of only god knows what without his permission as they go deeper into the school.

"This should do the trick" his lips mutter.

A voice that's his own, but filled with something he could never replicate is what he hears. The Nogitsune opens the bag to reveal an emitter exactly like the one that they used so long ago to ...view middle of the document...

Stiles' body screams for everyone to stop running. He crouches and carefully pulls on the chain that they had laid down earlier. He pulls and pulls to reveal...nothing.

"Good job Stilinski" The Coach says in an exasperated voice.

Stiles knows that this is all going according to The Tricksters plan.

When the arrow flies and plants itself into Finstock's chest he feels the satisfaction of The Nogitsune, but all Stiles can think is that he's just killed someone.

That this thing has made him spill an innocent persons blood because it wants chaos. 

The Nogitsune doesn't have any trouble acting out his fear and pain, making it seem like he cares so it's not suspicious. He puts his hands around the wound and Stiles can feel the hot,pulsing blood begin to slip through their fingers. If he was in control of his body he would be throwing up.

Scott puts his hands on the Coach and then an ugly black slowly creeps up his arms in his veins, letting Stiles and The Nogitsune know what Scott was doing.

He feels the rush of satisfaction from The Nogitsune when Scott takes away The Coaches pain, making him pass out.

"He's going to be fine"

The Coach may be fine, but Stiles is far from it.


Stiles doesn't know if this day could get any worse.

After the incident with Coach Finstock it was Him finding out what had happened to Issac. He now knows what that bag of tools was for.

And now it was the Bomb in the Sheriff's office.

He knew that when he had passed out when the Nogitsune took control again that it was up to no good. Stiles watches as yet again another Deputy dies in this God forsaken town. He just wants all of this to be over. He doesn't want to hurt any more people. As he watched...

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