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Help Save The Internet Essay

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Every time we access the Internet we can expect that what ever we type we can obtain with no problems. This might become the old way of the Internet we took for granted because this might start changing and it’s not for the good of consumers. Companies like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, are fighting for the right to control what content you are able to see and even discriminate on how fast a website should load or if it should even load at all. They also want to create a toll on the Internet and charge companies to access certain websites. For example, any time you want to go Google or Facebook they charge you every time you visit the site. If they are successful in Congress, this would violate our rights and freedom of information and this is something that has adopted the term "net neutrality.”

Net Neutrality is the fundamental principle that advocates that Internet users should be able to access any content from any device as they choose with out the interference of their Internet Service Provided. They should be able to post their own content on personal websites and blogs, and use any web applications they choose, without any restrictions or limitations. Which is they way it’s suppose to be and originally intended for. With net neutrality we are guaranteed to get the same experience throughout the Internet, without any discrimination or restrictions. Net neutrality has been one of the main reasons this independent standard has grown rapidly, it has been fueled by innovation and altered how we traditionally communicated. We must make action so that corporate pockets do not destroy the self-ruled arts of the web. In order to preserve our freedom and equality of the Internet, we must protect Net Neutrality, due to the fact that it is a vitally essential component of in America and it's of the greatest invention of the twentieth century.

The importance of net neutrality

“The genius of the Internet is that it is truly a neutral platform. Moving forward, this should remain the case. No one should have to ask for permission to innovate” (MARKEY 1). Sit and think a minute, can you honestly imagine a world where your Internet access is determined by a popularity contest? The Internet is essentially our last space in which we can defend our constitutional rights express our thoughts and speech freely.

Net neutrality will be the savior of independent art and commerce if we just preserve it. (Lloyd Kaufman 2). The general population of arguments in favor of net neutrality is based on the ideology of e2e (end two end) and that the history of the Internet has been open and equal. Net neutrality is an ongoing issue with legitimate concerns on both sides of the debate. At this time, the FCC and Congress have not passed final legislation; it’s critical to keep in mind how the future of this legislation will impact further evolution of the Internet and our rights. Because the Internet as been free and neutral this has allowed many technological...

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