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During my investigation using the Mosaic Approach (Clark and Moss, 2001), I aimed to reflect on signifant areas of the environment that are impacting on children's care learning and development. Phase 1 of my investigation (The Tour) involved a 2-year-old child who is currently receiving a funded placement in a designated Children's Centre under the 2-year-old pilot scheme (dfes 2005). The child attends The Neighbourhood Nursery, which is located in the far corner of the building (See Plan, No.2). The child is approaching 3 and nearing the end of the placement at the Centre. Phase 2 of my research involved discussions with early years practitioners working closely with the child. The areas brought to my attention were:The Economical, Social aspect which impacts on learningThe relationships between children and 'insignificant' staff membersFreedom of movementThe separation of children of different age groups.I will go on to critically evaluate how each aspect is impacting on children's care learning and development.The Children's Centre I refer to, attached plan, is situated in a particular area of disadvantage, it services families from the immediate surrounding areaThe Centre has recently received substantial funding to enhance the learning environment; this has resulted in an extension of the building as well as new equipment and resources. During block 2 I considered the impact external funding has on a child's environment (Activity 2.3). (Open University 2006) I kept this in mind as I carried out my research. As I conducted my child led tour, phase1, I led the child back to the main entrance of the building and asked the child to show me how the day started, similar to Activity 2:12 (Open University 2006) which explored the beginning of the day. The child directed me towards an area I knew was a new resource, the arrival of a large comfy sofa in the main entrance area (No. 1), with bright coloured cushions. The child described the sofa as a 'snugly place' and spent several minutes there. The child indicated this area to be quite important. To receive a place on the 2-year-old pilot scheme children do have to come from a disadvantaged/deprived background. It's possible the child's home may not have ' luxury' items such as this, the sofa that we take for granted was certainly bringing the child some level of delight. I reflected on previous assumptions I made which assumed all children had access to the very basic home comforts and made a mental note to broaden my thinking. The child I observed spent quite a large amount of time in the reception area (No 3), he was known to the reception staff by name and appeared very comfortable addressing them by their first names, I have stated this point as relationships with 'insignificant' staff members, however on reflection, it was evident just how very significant these staff members were to the child. The child delighted in telling me all the reception staff names and how they press the magic button...

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