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A Guide For Parents And Teachers

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A GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND TEACHERS WILL TALKING ABOUT SEX DAMAGE MY CHILD? · Talking about sex will prevent further damage to children.· We all have certain fears about discussing sex with our children but it is important to break the silence, talking about what exists, discussing what we hope they do and don't do; creating a home atmosphere in which sexuality is recognised as one aspect of life.· Parent and kids have a lot more to gain than to lose from frank and open discussions about sexuality.· Parents will gain a more open and sharing relationship with their children, which has its pay-off as children enter their teens and go on young adulthood.TALKING ABOUT SEX: ANSWERING QUESTIONS, CREATING OPPORTUNITIES, & PRESERVING PRIVACY · Include a list of commonly used words for body parts.· Explain body functions.· Also sexual practices.· Pick words which are commonly understood in the general community.ANSWERING QUESTIONS · Always answer questions about sex. Also continue to talk about sex to make it easier.(DO NOT AVOID IT) · Don't try to be scientific , try to be simple and straight forward.· Give the most accurate answer but do not make up answers.· As the child gets older, try to turn questions and answers into discussions.· If you feel embarrassed, just tell the so, then give your answer.PRESERVING PRIVACY · Make children aware of the fact that, some actions take place in private.· Respect children's privacy, just as you expect yours to be respected.· NOTE: talking about sex is not the same as show and tell. Don't let anyone undertake sexual activities...

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