A Guide To Successful Communication And Study

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According to a survey done by a statistical website ‘Nation Master', twenty one out of thirty four OECD(Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) member countries ranked 14.4% for an average percentage of single households in 2013. To be more specific, the United States, Australia, Canada, Sweden and Japan are the top five countries ranking the highest percentages of population living alone, nearly up to 26% in common. These statistics clearly demonstrate how prevalent phenomenon ‘individualism’ is in recent days. In other words, people nowadays are more accustomed to being alone than being together. The time is now when importance of working together must be highlighted. Particularly, pinpointing an emphasis on teamwork in the universities seems notably demanding. Therefore, it is fundamental for universities to increase group activities for the students on account of three main benefits teamwork can bring; enhancing communication skills, improving leadership and raising responsibility.
To begin with, teamwork provides opportunities for the university students to enhance communication abilities. Teamwork is an activity done by more than one person with a same goal. The more people there are, the more perspectives there must be. In other words, conflicts from different viewpoints of each member are unavoidable in a disparate group of individuals. For example, there was a survey done by Korea Herald toward 522 Korean university students about the most common trouble that occurred during teamwork. 38.3% of the students chose difficult time scheduling for team meetings. 25.5% answered an unsatisfactory division of tasks for each member, and 14.8% pointed out a hardship in uniting opinions among the members. Such data clearly illustrates how controversial teams can become during group activities. Amongst these diverse problems arising in the team, coordination for combining the ideas is fundamental so as to complete the tasks successfully. When it comes to the coordination, there are mainly three steps needed to be performed. The first step is to persuade others with reasonable grounds. For the members sharing different thoughts, persuasion is one way to mediate. The second step is to listen to the ideas of other members. In some cases, sticking to one’s own viewpoints shall lead to a discord of the whole team. The third or the last step is to accept the conciliated ideas. Through the activities of persuading others with one’s own thoughts and of being all ears of other members’ viewpoints, the final negotiation must be accepted for the cooperation in the teams. Through these activities, skills of communication are to be attained during the controversies in teamwork. In fact, communication skills gained from teamwork is especially required for university students. University students are the next generation to lead the society. Possessing the communication skills shall promote balance and harmony in the current society where splits...

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