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Some of the best ways to prepare American Teens to become successful adults is within the walls of their own homes and communities. Parents are the primary role models and first teachers to their children; communities help fill in the gaps when parents can’t be there. The reality that must be confronted is that childhood does not last forever. Adolescence is not a process that has a predetermined end date, nor is it a guarantee in this culture that if left to their own devices, teenagers will learn the values and skills they will need to become responsible adults.
It is parents who set boundaries; give of their love, time and encouragement. Although teenagers will make their own choices, a good home life can increase the odds that teens will avoid the pitfalls of adolescence. In particular, a kind, warm, solid relationship with parents who demonstrate respect for their children, show interest in their children’s activities, and set firm boundaries may directly or indirectly deter criminal activity, illegal drug and alcohol use, negative peer pressure, delinquency, sexual promiscuity and low self esteem, Parents have the awesome responsibility to teach their children; some important concepts to teach the youth are how to be a critical thinker and how to reason. By reasoning, we make sense of something and give it meaning in our mind. Once of the challenges youth face is to learn how their emotional life influences their learning. Emotions can assist or hinder learning. Parents can assist their youth is discovering rational thought, the power of sound reasoning and experience non egocentric thinking. If parents value bringing ideas, emotions and will power together as a basis of problem solving and critical thinking, their teens are likely to develop these same skills.
Parents cannot always be there to watch over and guide their children. Teachers, church leaders, bosses, coaches and even strangers have an impact on a child’s life. By being positive role models, they influence children in positive ways. In fact, they can replace negative influences from an irresponsible parent. These community role models often reach children on different levels of trust because they are seen as friends. A high school student raised in a single parent home in an impoverished community statistically has a low chance of succeeding in life. This however can be changed by a network of adult figures in the community willing to take the time to mentor the child.
Communities and parents are one of the many ways that teens can become successful adults. There are multiple solutions to this problem. We have discussed only a few in this paper. Others could be self-motivation or a diligent effort in developing a particular skill. There are multiple solutions to the problem because there are multiple causes. If just one of these causes can be eliminated, then the chances dramatically increase for the There is no one way of having a teen succeeds. Human beings...

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