Helping Educators Become More Effective Leaders

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Leading organizations of school administrators offer educators various opportunities to encourage educators to become leaders. No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) has mandated that leaders be better prepared for the task of providing quality education to all. NCLB “… is forcing all educational stakeholders to face the weakness of contemporary school leadership and is making it impossible to ignore the need for higher quality principals” (Hale & Moorman, 2003, p.1). It is believed that all educators can be and are leaders in their own right. A leader is a visionary and has the ability to inspire others to aspire to greatness. Of the numerous opportunities that are offered, those that are most beneficial include but are not limited to leadership training programs, professional development, and creating shared leadership opportunities for teachers to become leaders. The systems “…that produce our nation’s principals are complex and interrelated – and governed by the states. Each state establishes licensing, certification and re-certification” (Hale & Moorman, 2003, p.1). States use the ISLLC standards “…as the framework for preparation programs and in service professional development of school superintendents, principals, and other leaders” (Hale & Moorman, 2003, p.3).
Leadership training programs allow for teachers to use their professional experience as an educator and combine it with the academic and hands on experience of being a leader by providing a comprehensive program. Leadership “…is learnable by providing real world leadership training” (Ramsey, 2006, p.xx). The training program prepares educators to be leaders and equips them with the tools necessary to be an effective leader. There is a need for an “,,,infusion of performance based standards into preparation programs, integration of well planned clinical coursework, and tiered certification systems” (Lashway, 2003, p.4). In Baltimore there are many programs that are offered through various institutions. Such programs allow educators to continue educating while simultaneously preparing them for leadership. Coppin State University offers Administration I and Administration II programs, that focus on preparing educators to be vice principals and if they matriculate into Administration II they will have the skill set to be principals. Just recently in Baltimore there has also been the establishment of the New Leaders for New Schools Program, which is an accelerated program that builds the foundation and then allows the individual to shadow a principal for a year. At the completion of the program the educator gets to be principal of their own school. The program has a 100% successful completion rate. I was referred to the program and supported by my academic leader. I believe that the program is a great opportunity for educators to become leaders. However, I am currently completing the Educational Specialist Program for k-12 leadership at Jones International University....

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