Helping Elements For Children With Learning Or Communication Disability

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In choosing lesson plans to examine it was determined to use lesson plans bases around a science topic. It is believe that science tends to allow for flexible lessons plans that are engaging for students. Lesson plans from 9th grade, 7th Grade, and Kindergarten were review that evaluated aspects of plant life. In the initial review of the three lesson plans they all seem fun and well put together for students learning experience. After further review based on the objective of this lesson there we seen some areas that would deem challenging for children with learning disability and/or communication disabilities. These areas will be illustrated in this assignment.
Helping Elements for children with Learning or Communication Disability
Children with learning and/or communication disability are capable of learning like children without disabilities, but often times need additional assistance in their learning process. These lesson plans though there were limited elements that were viewed as being helpful for children with LD or CD, elements that did exist were the fact the lessons had some variations of activities. Having this variation from lecture, to worksheet, videos being viewed, and hands on experiments helps children to be able to obtain and process the information in different ways. Additionally, there appears to be flexibility in the amount of time spent of the lesson objectives with the teacher have designated steps in how they will stop and ensure that students area understanding the concepts. In looking at this, a teacher would be able to take this extra time for a student with LD or CD to implement assistive technology that may be needed. For example a microscope that projects objects larger. Lastly, each lesson plan allowed for students to break up into smaller learning groups. For a student with a LD, this is a great way to help allow them a learning environment that will increase their learning ability.

Classroom adaptation ideas
For all three of the lesson plans since the students are being allowed to work in smaller groups it would me suggested to be mindful of noise levels for the students who are LD as well as students who are CD. When arranging learning grows an assigned seating arrangement would help make sure that students who tend to be more distracted or separated from student who maybe students are distractive. Furthermore, students who have CD may benefit from voice projectors during instructional time or some type of portable device to be able to follow along with instructions. Recently the use of smart boards have really helped with student with disabilities to be able to see and hear curriculum better. Also, the interactive piece helps with student who have LD. In the reading The Framework: Students with Diverse Needs the author has several very good suggestion in making adjustments to the classroom environment to help students learn. One of that sticks out is the think out loud method which is an example “of...

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