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Helping Homeless People Essay

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I think every society, community, and culture have the ‘golden rule’ that ‘do to others what you would like them to do to you,’ which could have some various variations based on differences in societies and communities. It is important to focus my attention on solving the challenge posed by homelessness, and more so focus on the individual efforts I need to undertake in order to help the homeless. Personally, I want to establish a legacy that my fifty-year old self will sit back, admire, and see the meaningful life spent during the most productive stages of my life by helping the homeless. In this case, I want to make a difference, however small, to the homeless people and become a paragon ...view middle of the document...

Just like any other person, the homeless people are normal human beings just like the rest of us. In line with this, I think human beings focus on other issues that are not as important in life as helping others since they focus on attaining personal wealth and success, which they leave on earth once they die. To some extent, I could say that they do not live a meaningful life. I want to have a different objective in life and make it more meaningful by helping homeless communities in many countries. By the age of fifty years, I realize that I will not be any different from the homeless people and I could have been easily in their position if circumstances could be different. This is the more reason I would like to contribute to their wellbeing by providing the support and help to ensure that I changed their lives in one way or another.
I know there are those individuals who treat the homeless, and other helpless people, with contempt, scorn, and disdain. As such, the majority of these people identify the homeless as not hard working enough to change their current lives and make it more meaningful. On the other hand, other people identify that the...

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