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Helping Messages Essay

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When reading a text, you usually get an image of some sort in your head to help understand. This aspect is called imagery; language that appeals to one or more of the senses. For example, if you are reading a story about cavemen and it talks about their cave in vivid detail, then you are most likely going to pick up an image subconsciously. This is a good thing, it will help you picture the story actually happening and enhances your understanding of it. The stories in this selection include some about saying goodbye and even large disastrous storms. You might could comprehend why it is beneficial to read with imagery. In these certain selections, “Goodbye”, “Daily”, “Hope”, and “Storm”, an ...view middle of the document...

You can begin to smell this scrambled egg in a clay bowl maybe if you have before. This is an example of where it is helpful to use your own background to help interpret the story. Clearly, Naomi Nye does a good job of using an unusual sense as imagery in her text “Daily”.
After, the text “Hope” is encouraged with the sense of hearing by David Hilbun. Using the sense of sound is not just using dialogue, it is using more of a descriptive sound. For example, “At one point, it was so loud that it felt as if a huge gong were crashing inside their heads.” said by David Hilbun. This is a great example because you could almost put yourself in his position as this happens. Being able to express this yourself could help the memory part of your brain as well! If having to study this for a test, you could quickly imagine this part of the story and how you pictured it in your head and possibly bring back the story to life inside your head. Obviously, David Hilbun does a great job for providing imagery in the selection “Hope”.
Lastly, Tyroneca Booker writes “Storm” with a great sense of sight involved. To interpret sight into a piece of writing is not very hard, but to do it good is the key. To have it done so well...

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