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Helping Out Essay

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As the chilly cold wind roared through the trees making thrashing sounds, the heavy rain bucketed down onto the charcoal grey asphalt road. The sky was gloomy and sunless.
I however, was on the school bus safely sheltered from the dreadful weather.
I wondered to myself why, what today would be like? My thoughts were short lived as the bus pulled into the garage. I glanced at my watch and realised it was 7:43pm.
“Late” I thought to himself “Late, Late”
As soon as I got off the bus, I dashed to my classroom on the 2nd floor. I made it just in time. And found my seat in the corner of the room.
“Good Morning 12th Graders!” said Mrs.Leroy sipping her cup of coffee “Let me just take ...view middle of the document...

As I walked down the path to meet my friends, I caught a glimpse of somebody with seemed familiar, then I realised that he was the boy who told me to get bad grades. I thought he was joking or something but he seemed serious.
Suddenly somebody grabbed my shoulder and pulled me towards the ground. Then I was getting punched in the stomach and face multiple times. I managed to get a good glimpse of this person, he was the boy who told me to get bad grades.
“Listen!” He yelled “Why did you get such good grades on the test?!?”
“Why can’t I” I murmured as he tried to cover my mouth.
“Im warning you!” He yelled “Get a 1 on the next test and don’t tell anyone!
He then punched me even harder and ran off. I felt sore after he left. I got a black-eye and lots and a few bruises. I could still move, but it was harder than before harder than ever.

It was a week before I could go back to school. I didn't tell anyone ‘he” did this in fear that he might hurt me again. However, I was still going to do my best on the next test, a geography test. After we did the test, we got our results the next day. I was delighted with my test score. We meet each other in the hall during the transition between classes. I found out James and Neville also scored quite well.
“Did you do best in class” James asked
“Yep” we both replied
“Great me too!”
“Got to go, see ya later” I replied back happily

I walked back to my locker and get some stuff and found a note which said “Meet at 5th floor I want to apologise. From George, The guy who punched you lots”

After class, I went to the 5th floor. He (George) was already standing there waiting.
“Hey Callum” George said “I...just wanted to apologise”
“Its alright” I replied calmly
He put his hand out for a handshake. I shook his hand.
“Hey, you can let go now” I said
Then the unexpected happened. George grabbed my arm and twisted it, then threw me...

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