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Helping People With Mental Ilness: What Are Evidence Based Practices

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Evidence-based practices are practices that have been proven through research and studies to be effective in helping people with mental illness reach their goals and experience recovery specific to them. A practice that is evidence based is proven through research, has clinicians who are trained and qualified applying it in their therapy, and takes into account what the patient wants out of the clinical experience and values as important. When a treatment is developed many times it is considered to be effective based on personal experiences or observations but not supported by empirical evidence.
Evidence based practices are types of treatments or interventions that have reliable scientific evidence backing it up. The scientific evidence is proven reliable through the way it is collected, kind of information gathered, and tries to not have biased affecting the outcome. Scientific evidence is not based on opinion or interpretation, but ...view middle of the document...

The first is that an evidence based practice must be transparent. This means that all the evidence collected on this practice is available to all researcher as well as the public. This information includes how the research was conducted, and the evidence was reviewed. The second area that a treatment should meet to become evidence based practice is that the treatment is able to be replicated in another situation by other people, or standardized. This means that there are specific directions and guidelines for how the treatment should be applied and a plan for how the results should be interpreted. This allows different clinicians to apply the treatment in the same way to achieve the same positive results. The standardization should also include ways to measure the fidelity that the clinicians have in applying the treatment. The third area that a treatment should meet to become evidence based is that the treatment has undergone a controlled research, preferably a randomized controlled trials (RCT), which is the most thorough. By doing repeated RCT and achieving the same results the treatment proven effectiveness is very strong. RCT are difficult to do so sometimes a quasi-experimental strategy is used. The fourth area that a treatment should meet is that the research for the treatment can be duplicated by other researchers. When different researchers get the same positive results when the patient is receiving the treatment helps to make this treatment evidence based. When different researchers are able to test the treatment and get the same results, it is less likely that the results were biased. The final area that EBP should meet is that the results are positive and can help the patient. This means that the treatment can help someone with mental illness achieve their goals. This can also include a reduction in severity or frequency of the symptoms and the treatment has enabled the person to function more in society.
Evidence-based practices are called this because the practice has been tested and retested. The same results have been achieved each time, and the practice has endured and meet the definition of EBP, and the evidence is overwhelming that the treatment will benefit the patient.

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