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Helping Senior Citizens Essay

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People always wonder why they need the internet. they ask “why do I need to know how to use a computer and surf the web?” Well let me tell you.
Knowing how to use a computer is becoming more and more important every day. Jobs for an example is a big point. Some jobs only have their applications online, so how would you find and fill out their application if you don't even know how to use a computer?
There are lots of senior citizens out there in the world that are clueless with the internet and even more clueless about a computer. Some senior citizens don't even know how to plug in a computer because when they where little they had to do everything in person. Not saying that it was a bad thing that they did but its more time consuming.
My goal of a senior project is to teach them seniors how to use the computer. I wanna show them how to turn on the computer, use mouse and keyboard, and most importantly how to use the internet/surf the web. I want to show them how important it is to use the internet. They could use it so much in their lives. if they need to order more stuff from a store they could easily look it up on the internet and get it shipped straight to there house. this way they don't have to get in a car and drive.
The first thing I am going to show them how to do is turn on the computer. This is the most important because how else will they surf the web if they don't know how to turn on the computer. Then I was planning on teaching them how to create their user. this is so they can have there own personal use that they can log on to and save their stuff to on the desktop. Next I want to show them how to create a Email address and Email people. I believe a email adress is very important because it will allow them to communicate to family and friends. They will also need an email if they want to sign up to any sites that they can order items. For example, Wal-Mart, K mart, Big bear, or Amazon. I also want to teach them how to skype. Skype is a application that allows you to video or message another person. This application is great if they have relatives in other states that they want to see. I use skype all the time, I skype my friends, family, and sometimes new people I wanna get to know. I want to show them how to customize their user. this way when they log on they can feel familiarized and know that there desktop is theirs and no one else's.
The internet I believe will be very important to show them. they will be able to do so much on it. if they want pictures, videos, or even if they want to take online classes to teach them how to do stuff. this will be great. I am very excited to see how this goes. I need to find people willing to keep this class going after I graduate from Mideast. I want to find young kids willing to learn new things and that are open minded. I believe if they are open minded they will be easy to teach and very good at helping senior citizens.
I believe the hardware aspect of the project will be the easiest...

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