Helping With The Chronic Problem Of Homelessness

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Helping the Homeless
There are more than 43 million people homeless in the United States alone. The homeless aren’t a category because someone can be homeless one moment and under a solid roof another so it’s more like a situation. A situation that a person can find their self in when they are careless, laid off, behind in their bills, excess drug or alcohol abuse, or lack of enough income can be the cause of being homeless. It’s not easy getting back up from being that low but it is possible. Sometimes the situation can be long term if a person adapts or creates a pessimist attitude and without any help getting back up it becomes a way of living and they accept it. The poor lack economic resource so they depend on people for the things they need. The biggest age group that’s homeless is children because they can’t vote and limited jobs if any are available for them. Homelessness is a genuine problem in America, no matter what the cause-there are solutions that the government can put into place to decrease it.
In America, The national rate of homelessness was 20 homeless people per 10,000 people in the general population. It isn’t uncommon to see someone living under a bridge or a panhandler hustling at a red light in Baltimore. It isn’t enough places to keep these people and for multiple unique reasons they are there. More importantly there are more unemployed males which are seen as the head of the household, the bread winner, the leader, even in the bible they are the provider. More specifically, African American males have a tough time doing something productive. According to the unemployment statistics from the Bureau Labor Statistics, Maryland has 10.7% unemployed males and 6.8% males’ altogether. African American males are sometimes distracted by negative things because they have so many other possible things that are available to do instead of an education. Most people with those circumstances have the potential to be anything they want to be. But they have to have that drive and the mantra that they will make it despite any odds. If they don’t have it anything that rocks their boat will distract them from getting where they want. I learned that through my own personal life because it has to be a mindset to get somewhere if you want to be somebody. I have always been under a roof but looking at my mom it isn’t such an easy job but she knew that her girls needed it so her hustle couldn’t stop. She instilled that motivation and priorities in my brain early on. If you don’t know what comes before others you will have a coach without a house. I’ve seen it and it isn’t a pretty sight. Poverty is so common in the African American race and even culture that generation after generation face the same troubles. It doesn’t apply to those that become poor during their lifetime due to sickness, accident, or old age. Those factors are very critical because they can be the cause of a person losing their job. These are things that a person can’t...

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