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The music of David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash is the building block of punk and rock ‘n’ roll, since the time of Woodstock. Crosby, Stills, and Nash or CSN in short is a “super-group” who was formed from three big bands in the 1960s, “The Byrds”, “Buffalo Springfield”, and “The Hollies”. The group later in 1969 expended with Nill Young and became CSNY. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young released their first album in 1969 with two big hits, “Marrakesh Express”, and “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”. Their songs convey a strong emotional truths, social awareness and equality. Their song “Helplessly Hoping” from that album describes their persona; Along with the elements of their music, and tune that fit in so well in the song, which emphasizes the meaning of the words they try to convey, and their message about the love of two people.
The harmony of the group is perfectly shown in this song. When a person hears it for the first time it sounds like one person sings it. The song opens with hope, “Helplessly Hoping”, that even in despair, there is hope. The word choice in the song is evocative and elegant, but it can have different meanings. The words are full of mystery, and the alliteration can make one’s spirit uplifting. The song is a non-verbal dialogue between a guy who loves a girl, waiting for her, and wonders about her love for him. The guy is being her harlequin, who hovers close to her, so she could notice him. The guy sees the girl’s good qualities, and true and kind spirit she has. Spirit is considered something that flows in the air, so that is why he wished he could fly and grasp her.
The song’s intangible spirit changes how they both felt each time. He can see her, but he is speechless, and does not know how to express himself, so he feels loneliness and craving inside him. He wished that he could take away her worries and troubles away, so things would look different. The chant of the song gives the summary of the guy’s feelings. When “they are one person” they have the same dreams or fears. When “they are two alone” they are two people separated from each other. When “they are three together” the third thing can be addressed to their love. When “they are for each other” it is what the guy has in mind to facilitate they support one another. At the end he feels that she still has the passion to him, but she is delaying him and giving him excuses. She is, for some reason, not complete with herself, and she does not want to take the risk, and to devote herself to him like saying “yes” to a wedding proposal. The word choice is trickery in some way. However, it...

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