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The music of David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash is the building block of punk ‎and rock ‘n’ roll since the time of Woodstock. Crosby, Stills, and Nash or CSN in short is a ‎‎“super-group” formed from three big bands in the 1960s, “The Byrds,” “Buffalo Springfield,” ‎and “The Hollies.” In 1969 Neil Young joined, and they became CSNY. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and ‎Young released their first album in 1969 with two big hits, “Marrakesh Express,” and “Suite: ‎Judy Blue Eyes.” Their songs convey strong emotional truths, social awareness, and equality. ‎Their song “Helplessly Hoping” from that album describes their persona. Along with the ‎elements of their music, and tune that fits in the song, emphasizing the meaning of the words ‎they try to convey, and their message about the love of two people.‎
The harmony of the group is perfectly shown in this song. When a person hears it for the ‎first time it sounds like one person sings it. The song opens with hope, “Helplessly Hoping,” that ‎even in despair, there is hope. The word choice in the song is evocative and elegant, but it can ‎have different meanings. The words are full of mystery, and the alliteration can uplift one’s ‎spirit. The song is a non-verbal dialogue between a young man who loves a girl, waiting for her, ‎and wonders about her love for him. The young man is being her harlequin, who hovers close to ‎her, so she will notice him. The young man sees the girl’s good qualities, and the true and kind ‎spirit she has. Spirit is considered something that flows in the air, so that is why he wishes he ‎could fly and grasp her. ‎
The song’s intangible spirit changes how they both felt each time. He can see her, but he ‎is speechless, and does not know how to express himself, so he feels loneliness and craving ‎inside him. He wishes that he could take her worries and troubles away, so things would look ‎different. The chant of the song gives the summary of the young man’s feelings. When “they ‎are one person” they have the same dreams or fears. When “they are two alone” they are two ‎people separated from each other. When “they are three together” the third thing can be ‎addressed to their love. When “they are for each other” it is what the young man has in mind to ‎facilitate that they support one another. At the end, he feels that she still has a passion to give ‎him, but she is delaying him and giving him excuses. She is, for some reason, not complete with ‎herself, and she does not want to take the risk, and devote herself to him like saying “yes” to a ‎wedding proposal. The word choice is trickery in some way because he did not hear a goodbye. ‎It means that she still...

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