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Hemingway's Love Life Rough Draft Essay

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Throughout his years, various women had walked into the famous writer Ernest Hemingway’s life. Yet these same women never remained with Hemingway for long and soon enough walked out on him, with the exception of his last and final wife. Thus the love life of Ernest Hemingway proved to be a complex one. However the time each woman had spent with Hemingway did not simply end with their break-ups; instead the women’s brief relationship with Hemingway served to be a great source of inspiration for the famous writer. As a result, Hemingway's depiction of women in his literary works was influenced and inspired by these various women in his life.
Hemingway’s first love interest who proved a successful source of inspiration was the U.S. Red Cross nurse, Agnes von Kurowsky. Hemingway had met Kurowsky during the years of World War I in Italy where he had served as an ambulance driver. After a serious leg injury from an explosion, Hemingway was sent to the hospital in Milan. It was there he was tended to by Kurowsky. Hemingway had fallen in love at first sight, however this was not said for Kurowsky; the nurse did not fall for Hemingway at first. She soon had formed a small relationship with the man but never shared such deep feelings; author Donald R. Noble of South Atlantic Review describes how Kurowsky “never uses the word love” when writing of Hemingway in her diary. Hemingway continued to write to Kurowsky even after his leave from the hospital, yet it was a single letter from the nurse herself who finally broke off the relationship. Hemingway had never forgotten Kurowsky; as a result Kurowsky’s influence on Hemingway thus became the inspiration behind the character of Catherine in A Farewell to Arms, documenting the complexity of the woman and the relationship which he had experienced.
Eventually accepting the end to his previous love interest, Hemingway soon moved on and had met Emily Hadley Richardson in the early 1920s. The two having met at a party of a mutual friend, Hemingway married the 29-year-old only a year after meeting one another. The new couple moved to different locations such as Paris, France so Hemingway could continue with this ambitious writing career; afterwards the couple moved back to the Western hemisphere with the birth of their first son, John “Bumby” Hadley Nicanor, in 1923. Hadley had continued to keep up with her husband’s strenuous and active lifestyle; Hadley eventually inspired Hemingway to write The Sun Also Rises. As explained by Miriam B. Mandel’s Journal of Modern Literature, Hemingway recounted such events with Hadley and their time together in the book: “Hadley accompanied Ernest to the bullfights in the summers... The boy with the wine, the drunk Civil Guards, the lost tickets, and the detail of Hadley and the bull’s ear are all biographically accurate. Unlike Brett Ashley, Hadley kept the bull’s ear given to her.” Hemingway soon had an affair with fashion owner Pauline Pfeiffer in 1924, which led to the...

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