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Hemp/Cannabis Essay

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PAGE Belal Hossain Sajal
________________________________________________________________________A Billion Dollar Crop: Hemp/CannabisAnd it's impact on the SocietyByBelal HossainA Research Paper submitted to the University of Applied Management Studies in fulfillment ofthe requirements for a course work in MIB Module - Introduction to Academic Study & Research SkillsJuly 2013Supervisor: Dr. Geoffrey K. WritesUniversity of Applied Management StudiesSchool of Management in International BusinessMannheim, GermanyPERMISSION TO STORE RESEARCH PAPER IN LIBRARY AND MAKE AVAILABLKE FOR USEI,Belal Hossain Sajal, do hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the Library of University of Applied Management Studies, Mannheim, to file the attached Research Paper entitled: A Billion Dollar Crop, and make such paper available for use, circulation, and reproduction by Library users at the University of Applied Management Studies, Mannheim.I state at this time that the contents of this paper are my own work and completely original.____________________________________________ (Signature)_______________________________________________ (Date)SummaryThis research paper will play a vital role as a scripture about Cannabis/Hemp. Especially from the medical and economical point of view.It will describe the primary and recent history of Cannabis/Hemp which will involve legal and Illegal history of cannabis.Later on this paper will show a clear comparison between cannabis and other legal-illegal drugs available.This research paper is also involve interviews of official medical marijuana users, anonymous users and personality from law. designed in four different parts which involves introduction, literature review, general analysis and conclusion.
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Drug Enforcement Administration


Federal Büro of Narcotics


List of Definition of Terms

Gateway Drug

The terminology gateway drug was introduced by the policy makers to the people that cannabis is a gateway to another hard drugs where it is proven that cannabis is non-toxic.According to a mass number of users, Cannabis is really a gateway drug but not to harder drugs.It is a gateway to pure wisdom.

Decriminalization and Taxation

Decriminalization means legitimize or allowance to an affair under prohibition.


A Billion Dollar Crop Hemp/Cannabis
And it's impact on the society

Table of Contents




Acronyms and Abbreviations


List of Definition of Terms


Chapter 1

1. Introduction


1.1 Introduction to Hemp/Cannabis and it's background history


1.2 Motivation for the Study


1.3 The Research Problem, Questions and the Aim of the...

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