Hemp Is Hope, Not Dope. Essay

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Everyone has played on a tree at some point in their lives. Some have climbed them, or picked apples from them, or even just enjoyed the shade that they created. However, trees are becoming more and more scarce each year. According to the World Resource Institute only about 1% of our old growth forests remain within the United States. Loggers are clear-cutting forests in the Pacific Northwest and Virginia at an alarming rate for the production of paper products, timber and other assorted goods. Everything from plates, cups, towels, bank sleeves, and junk mail, waste needless amounts of tree pulp each year. The solution to this problem is the Legalization of Industrial Hemp as a cash crop for the production of paper products and goods, as well as material and oil based products. It is cheaper, cleaner, and safer than wood for our environment.Industrial hemp's cultivation began in China around 2800 BC and was grown by many different people throughout the years.Industrial Hemp is not a drug crop! The international standard is that hemp of Cannabis with less than 1% THC is not marijuana. Hemp is a close relative of marijuana, however, it has nearly none of the intoxicating effects of its cousin plant. Although industrial hemp does include trace amounts of THC, which is the mind altering chemical in marijuana, the levels are so low that one would have to smoke a joint roughly the size of a large telephone pole to feel any effects from it at all.Although Industrial hemp was not a drug crop, it was lumped...

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655 words - 3 pages premature buds, is a powerful disinfectant. (http://cannibus.com/faqs/hemp1.shtml) In the United States, hemp is legal to possess. Marijuana, the flowers, buds, or leaves of the cannabis plant, is not legal to possess. The seeds are only legal to possess if they are sterilized. Therefore, because you can’t grow hemp without also growing marijuana, it isn’t legal to grow. It’s possible to get permission from the D.E.A., but this is rare

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602 words - 2 pages suffering wheat and tobacco farmers. In 1998 Canada lifted it's 60-year ban on the cultivation of hemp and Canada struggling farmers have begun to profit again. Why can't our Government realize that hemp is not a drug, in fact hemp cultivation endangers the purity of marijuana crops. Hemp could drastically increase the income of American farmers, American jobs, and reap federal income through taxes. The answer is simple, if only those on Capitol Hill could see that Hemp must be legalized.

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1193 words - 5 pages our water, soil and air is just the beginning. Having products that recycle easier and biodegrade faster means less waste, less landfill and more land. I’m not trying to imply that hemp is a miracle product that is going to cure all of the ails of the planet in one fell swoop, but it’s very difficult not to become excited and impassioned about something that could render such a positive change for the state and country that I love so dearly

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997 words - 4 pages Doug Fine that didn’t seem factual. He claimed that the Declaration of Independence was written on paper made from hemp. Although, it is true that hemp has been used to make paper, that is not the case for the Declaration of Independence. Anyone who took history in high school (and paid attention) should know that the Declaration of Independence was not written on paper, hemp or not. It was actually written on parchment, which is animal skin

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697 words - 3 pages created. Why is this plant illegal? Why is it not grown in every state in the U.S.? It’s because many people have little to no knowledge on what hemp actually is or what it can do for the economy and the earth. The legalization of hemp could create a ton of jobs and be very beneficial to the environment. There is a big hidden agenda when it comes to legalizing hemp. The law that makes hemp illegal also makes marijuana illegal. The two plants though

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1685 words - 7 pages resource that might not even last through the next 50 years. Hemp, unlike petrol, can be grown from the soil, nationwide. Clearly, this billion dollar crop is either being overlooked by the many or horded by the few. Petrol is highly flammable and equally dangerous to store for long periods. Hemp is totally biodegradable. Producing hemp fuel stateside would not only help our bottom economic line tremendously, it would also free up much needed space to

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882 words - 4 pages consideration, it is feasible to cultivate hemp mainly for fiber because of the yield of production as compared to other root crops such as arrowroot and sweet potatoes. The leaves of the industrial hemp plant grow thin and long while the leaves of the marijuana plant grow broader with a five or seven leaf pattern. It has been recommended that both plants not be cultivated together because it renders both infertile, thus reducing or crushing the chance


2097 words - 8 pages Throughout American history our country has come to rely on many different natural resources. With technology and the population increasing, the number of fossil fuel reserves and natural forests are going down. What America needs is a renewable source of fuels and fibers that will meet the growing needs of the future, but will not damage our environment. One of the most promising sources of fiber, fuel, and natural oil is hemp. Hemp, also

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1073 words - 5 pages our water, soil and air is just the beginning. Having products that recycle easier and biodegrade faster means less waste, less landfill and more land. I’m not trying to imply that hemp is a miracle product that is going to cure all of the ails of the planet in one fell swoop, but it’s very difficult not to become excited and impassioned about something that could render such a positive change for the state and country that I love so dearly

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1663 words - 7 pages the following: the shelf for the rear window, door panels, liners in the trunk, and parts for the air bag (www.agebb.missouri.edu). Hemp could also be used to replace ethanol in oil, make hemp bricks, and help contaminated soil. Hemp biodeisel will not damage the environment like the corn biodeisel, which is genetically modified. The pollen from the unnatural genetics in corn spreads over the environment, and some of it lands in natural foods

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