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Hemp: Marijuana's Innocent Cousin Essay

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Imagine being with someone, at the wrong place and at the wrong time, and getting incriminated along with that person, but for something that the other person did. That is more or less what happened to hemp when marijuana was present, and it began the downfall of both. However, hemp's interdiction was unjustified because it never had any negative effects on anyone or anything. Nevertheless, in the past several years, people of the world have been opening their eyes to realize how beneficial hemp can be for their nations. So why is the United States the only industrialized nation in the entire world that has not yet approved its legalization? The legal production and availability of hemp as a ...view middle of the document... Hemp is also a dioecious plant, which means that it has both a female and male part; the male hemp grows the fibers best, and the female herb produces the seeds ( Its fibers and oil from the seeds can be used to help produce over a thousand score of products (
Hemp was first introduced in North America in 1606 ( During the 1800s, it was legal to grow in the United States. In Maryland, for example, Indian corn, wheat, tobacco, and a bit of hemp was grown (Pennington 20). Then, in the year 1930, industrialist Andrew Mellon became Commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department ( Andrew Mellon assigned Harry J. Anslinger as the Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Anslinger was an ideal choice because he was also the fiance' of Mellon's niece (
Around that same time frame, the DuPont Petrochemical Company was thriving
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in its oil productions. DuPont, also, began making synthetic fiber advancements, as well as other products such as paints, plastics, and chemicals. It is important to know the advancements of DuPont because Mellon greatly funded that company. Therefore, Mellon's appointment of Anslinger as the Commissioner of Federal Bureau of Narcotics could have been to destroy the hemp industry, especially, because hemp was a big competitor to DuPont ( Then, in those early 1900s, machines were made that would facilitate hemp to be produced more efficiently. Thus, it produced more rope, cloths, and paper made out of hemp. The development of those machines for hemp was a threat to William Randolph Hearst, a journalist and businessman, since he invested his money into the timber and mill industries to make his newspapers ( This was especially important because his newspapers created the biggest chain of newspapers at that time in United States, which included the San Francisco Examiner, Boston American, Chicago Examiner, Harper's Bazaar, and the Cosmopolitan ( Also, the investments that Hearst made for timber was supported by Mellon's Bank ( That was just the beginning of hemp's downfall as the government would later participate by passing laws that were against hemp.
The Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1937 to tax any person that sold marijuana; the people who had wished to sell or who sold cannabis were taxed just one dollar, which at the time was a big sum of money ( Since hemp is closely related to marijuana, marijuana's taxation complicated the farmer's ability to grow hemp for commercial purposes ( Hearst also published stories about how
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marijuana led people to commit crimes, through the popular yellow journalism which “emphasized sensationalism over facts” ( Because of the stories that Hearst...

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