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Hennes & Mauritz Management Case Study How Does H And M Work As A Corporation

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PrefaceThis report has been established after doing research to the question "how does H&M work as a corporation?". We have done research in multiple categories; diversity management, Environment, Leadership, Quality etc.We will be discussing all these items and more in the report that you are about to read.First we will give you a short summery of what we will discuss in the reportIn every chapter we have explained the topic and after that we have discussed how H&M tackles these "problems". All this information will give us a view on how H&M works as corporation, and gives us the chance to form an opinion about H&M.SummeryWhy did we choose for H&M?The reason for why we choose H&M is the fact that H&M is a company that has grown tremendously the past few years and will continuo to keep this growing trend in the near future. H&M has become a "fashion" icon for many other clothing stores and provides the concept of high fashion for low prices. Everyone in western Europe knows about H&M and more and more countries and even parts of the world want a little piece of this success by opening new stores in new markets such as the US and Eastern Europe.Problems and challenges inside the company that we have t discusses are the following:Organisational CultureCustomer or Quality driven?Diversity managementInformation technologyInformation flows inside the companyEthical BehaviourThe company's strategyHuman ResourcesLeadershipRewards and MotivationTeams and TeamworkAfter doing the research inside the company we are now able to form our own conclusion on how we think the corporation is working.We believe that H&M is a true example when it comes to ensuring their own Shareholders the Highest profits, Their Employers the best working conditions and Their customers the best Quality. When it comes to Stakeholders, H&M can still provide more and better services. H&M Tries to give back to the community in several ways, for example by looking after the environment.H&M is a successful company but will be even more successful in the future when they have expanded there stores all over the world.The Introduction of H&MA lot had happened for the H&M Company since it opened its first doors in 1947. Froma little Swedish shop this company turned into a multinational fashion corporation that sells inmore then 20 countries and had over 1000 stores running successfully, with more that 40,000employees working spread over all over the world in stores and head-quarters.Philosophy:The customer should always get a good dealTo provide high fashionable clothing for the lowest price and good quality.To make sure that H&M has the latest fashion, H&M has his own design and buying department that creates the full collection.To ensure the customers the pest price H&M has the following guidelineshaving few middlemenbuying large volumeshaving extensive experience of the clothing industryhaving a great knowledge of...

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