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Henry Ford: A True A Merican Icon

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It takes a very brave person to take a leader role and make the world a better place. Ford treated each and every one of his workers with respect. In return, the workers gave Ford all they had and one-hundred percent on anything and everything they did. Henry Ford did not just step up and make himself look good, he helped the country and even the entire world by chasing his dreams. Even from a young age, he was set out to do something great, and thats what he did. Henry Ford was a man with a dream, without his determination and willpower, the automotive industry wouldn't be where it is today.

It takes a very brave and courageous person to step up and take a leadership role, and also make ...view middle of the document...

As Henry worked there longer and longer, the company of Edison Illuminating came very quickly to realize that Henry was something special, they eventually promoted him as chief engineer. Henrys hard work has finally payed off because, at the great milestone at age 36 was leading up to the first automobile was the horseless carriage. It doesn't look like the sturdiest or fanciest now a days, but back then it was a great invention that led to bigger and better things. He didn't have other people or companies come up with the blueprints or ideas, he did this all by himself. through trial and error, he made money off certain models to help improve the next coming ones. As Henry sacrificed his own time and money, he didn't realize it but his dream of creating the first automobile was almost in sight. Over the years of trying to perfect the automobile, Henry was still himself and not only donated to charity but also tried to create world peace everywhere he went. Henry was included in as many as 18 people included in Gallup’s list of widely admirable people of the 20th century. Not only that, but he was also honored with his face put on postal stamps as somewhat of a role model/iconic figure. Henry Ford expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and also Germany itself. In 1938, Henry Ford was granted and accepted the Grand Cross of the German Another accomplishment from Henry ford was building a racecar in a rented out 1 car garage for Barney Oldfield, and that car was very successful and had won all of its races.

Henry did not only put time and effort into his product, he treated his employees very well too. Henry Ford raised the wages of his employes up to five dollars in 1914, which nearly doubled the wages of any other factory or competitor. He did that because since the assembly line made more time and money, he made their pay higher because he noticed how hard they were working. Another one of his great accomplishments is making the “factory workshift” better. By doing that it didn't only cut the work hours in a day down for each individual, it makes it so each shift has a specific job and the project just runs all around smoother with more than one shift working on it. Henry also ensured his employees that they would not work no more than 12 hours a day to ensure that nobody worked more hours than they had to. If that was so, the workers would get burnt out on the job and most likely quit or not give effort at what they do. Another thing Henry...

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