Henry Ford And The Model A, And T

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BiographyHenry Ford was born to a farm family near Greenfield, Michigan on July 30th, 1863. Henryhimself did not like farming, but he did like fooling around with machines. Henry liked to fix allthe farm machines, and he was known around the area to be a handyman. So as a youth Henryfixed various machines for surrounding farmers. This hobby of Henry's made his father angry, hewould neglect all of his farm chores. When Henry was sixteen he ran away to nearby Detroitand became an apprentice to a machinist, and then a full mechanic (Robbin 36).When he was about twenty four he married Clara Jane Bryant, and they moved back to thefarm for a while and had one son, Edsel Bryant Ford. But soon Henry became tired of the farmagain and moved back to Detroit. Henry got a job as an engineer for the Edison IlluminatingCompany. While he worked there Henry fell in love with the Duryea (the first car built inAmerica) built by the Duryea brothers. From then on he knew what he wanted to do. In hisspare time he built a small garage in the back of his house. He wanted to build a car of his own,and despite working twelve hour days at the Edison plant he did build a car of his own. The carwas a strange looking one, it had four bicycle wheels, and had a wooden buggy frame (Robbin37).Henry built a few more cars and sold them, but this landed him a job at the DetroitAutomobile Company, he was the chief engineer. Soon that company failed, then he foundedthe Ford Automobile Company, and that soon failed. Now it was 1902 and Henry becameinterested in just building a race car for himself to break the land speed record. He built the 999which reached speeds of over 90 mph. Henry became familiar with a merchant whose namewas Alex Malcomson, and this man helped Henry start the ford Motor Company. The FordMotor Company was established on June 16th, 1903, and was worth $100,000 with the help oftwelve stock holders (The Henry Ford Page).Mass productionYou can't talk about one car without talking about the other. Both the Model T and theModel A had similar impacts on the car industry. No one had ever attempted before to producehuge numbers of cars, to be sold to the common man. Henry was not about to let this intimidatehim, many people disagreed that a car could be purchased by an average wage earner. Henrysays,' I don't know anything about history, I wouldn't give a nickel for all the history in the world.The only history that is worth while is the history that we make day by day . Those fellows overthere in Europe knew all about history; they knew all about how wars are started; and yet theywent and plunged Europe into the biggest war that ever was. And by the same old mistakes,too. Besides, history is being rewritten every year from a new point of view; so how cananybody claim to know the truth about history?' (Burlingame 3)This quote showed that Henry Ford wanted to break new ground, and do somethinginnovative and not just follow history. The first car that the Ford Motor Company...

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791 words - 3 pages could hit 20 miles per hour! A very fast speed back then. He named it the Quadricycle Runabout and the automobile was sold for $200.00. He brought into existence Ford Motor Company on June 16th, 1903. In Ford's first year, his company produced one thousand, seven hundred and eight cars! An incredible start for the company.In 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T car designed and sold for any family. The Model T revolutionized the American

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1290 words - 6 pages somewhat of a role model/iconic figure. Henry Ford expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and also Germany itself. In 1938, Henry Ford was granted and accepted the Grand Cross of the German Another accomplishment from Henry ford was building a racecar in a rented out 1 car garage for Barney Oldfield, and that car was very successful and had won all of its races. Henry did not only put time and effort into his product, he treated his employees very

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