Henry Ford And The Model T Ford

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Cars are a major part of everyday life. People today cannot imagine walking from Northeast Philadelphia to South Philadelphia, let alone traveling from Philadelphia to Florida. The vehicle that started the mobile craze in America was the Model T ford by Henry Ford. Hitting it off with the entire nation, The Model T Ford was a smashing success.
People would say that when the farm was under Henry's control. They would not see any tools. Henry ran his farm the way of the “future”. Henry ran a very efficient farm however this was not what he wanted to do with life. As we already know Henry wanted to create the first car.
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Soon Henry knew all about making streetcars"(Mitchell,19). Creating street cars played a huge role in the creation of the car and what it turned out to be. Henry ford was extremely smart to go and learn about the industry before he jumped into manufacturing cars. "He left the streetcar company and got a job at a foundry that made everything from fire hydrants to boat whistles out of brass and iron. Next Henry went to the Detroit dry dock engine works. The dry dock works was just crammed full of all kinds of machines.(Mitchell,12)”
Shortly after acquiring his new found knowledge Ford and his wife Clara moved back to the farm.(Mitchell, 14) "One night in 1896 , Henry,Clara, And a friend named Jim Bishop gathered around the gas buggy. It was finished."(Mitchell,14) This was a great accomplishment for Henry Ford. His life goal was to create a gas buggy. Creating the buggy was just the first step in making cars mainstream
Years later Mr.Ford created a factory where a more developed version of his gas buggy was produced. We like to refer to it as the Model T Ford. One great feature of the plant was the fact that it had a assembly line. Ford had a row of people assigned to do a particular task whether it was welding the frame or placing the wheels on etc. Under the parts being put together was a conveyer belt wheeling the parts along and stopping at a certain area. This procedure is still being used today to manufacture cars fast and cheap
For his own invention, he soon became a very rich man. Also he was known worldwide for inventing what would soon revolutionize the world (History.com staff). He built the first car in a shed. The first car was also known as the quadricycle and he sold it so he can afford to build a real car(History.com Staff). However creating a vehicle that few people can afford was not the dream. Henrys dream was to build a vehicle that everyone can own and operate themselves.
Soon after cars became mainstream, people began to judge cars on how...

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