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Henry Ford Automobile Production And Marketing

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Henry Ford used the mass marketing strategy when he began manufacturing the Model T Ford in 1908. Ford ignored the differences in the segments of consumers, and chooses to aim a single product at all segments (the whole market). At this time Ford was the only car manufacturer that produced an affordable car for the people of the middle class, which resulted in mass consumption. Ford then moved into the world of segment marketing and targets a ...view middle of the document...

These different cars matched the needs of different segments/groups of people in society.In order for the company Ford to move into micro marketing it must look into specific needs and wants of different individuals and manufacture an automobile that will fulfill these. Thus, Ford could introduce a new idea of allowing consumers to detail/customize a car or in other words create their own car. For instance, if a customer were to choose the silver Ford Focus, he/she is only offered the charcoal coloured interior. Ford could open its horizons and allow consumers to choose from a large number of different interior colours. This would allow individual consumers to have a car made and fit for them and only them.Lastly, Ford is using the Internet to get its products and services to the right customers. One way the company is doing this is by giving consumers the option of building their car over the web and getting a quote on the final product. Therefore, before even stepping foot into a Ford dealership a prospecting buyer can narrow down their selection of cars according to what they like, what they can afford, and what would best fit their lifestyle.

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