Henry Ford: The Industrial Genious Essay

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During the late years of the 1800s and during the early years of the 1900s there was no fast means of transportation, except by horses. In the United States, there was one American farm boy, who would become one of the greatest manufacturers of modern times. He was also an industrial genius. How did the life and work of Henry Ford have a lasting impact on contemporary American society? His contributions led an individual to create a faster means of transportation. Another contributor to modernization of life other then Henry Ford was Thomas Edison. This led scholars to question the impact of Henry Ford. While many laughed at Ford and did not help him to pursue his goal, there was enough evidence to prove he was a reformer, philanthropist, and a world leader.Henry Ford was the first to build an automobile. Ford built two middle class types of vehicles, the Model T and the Model A. Researchers report Henry Ford had an idea to build a car that was so affordable that everyone could own. This car would be then affordable to store clerks, schoolteachers, carpenters, farmers, librarians, and those who would have had a decent job (Hakim 173). Sobel points out that the prices of the Model T changed drastically for his time period. The prices went from $825 dollars down to $290 dollars. Sobel also points out that very little change had been made between the years of 1914 - 1925, and the car only came in one color, which was black (379 - 380). Scholars wrote that the Model T's production stopped in 1927 ("Ford," The New Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 4 876). Today there are many cars that come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. For instance the Ford Motor Company itself makes the Ford Explorer, which is a Sports Utility Vehicle, the Ford F150, which is a type of truck Ford Motor Company makes, and there are also 16 other types of cars Ford Motor Company makes. Henry Ford also created the conveyor belt. Due to his creation, his assembly line improved significantly, cutting down the times for assembling the product. Specialists report that without the conveyor belt it took the assembly line about 600 minutes to complete one car, but with the conveyor belt it took only 226 minutes ("Ford Develops," Great Events: The Twentieth Century 106). The main problem with Ford's conveyor belt was if any part of the conveyor belt stopped working, then the whole conveyor belt and assembly line would come to a halt ("Assembly Line," The Columbia Encyclopedia 2525). In the conveyor belt problems of pace can still become an issue because the conveyor belt cannot continue until everyone is done with their specific job. Experts claim that the start of the assembly line was a mere skeleton of the car, and by the end the car was ready with gasoline to be driven off ("Assembly," Asimou's Chronology of Science and Discovery 445). Due to Ford's creation of the conveyor belt it is now much easier to transport large, heavy objects. For instance at the airport,...

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