Henry Hudson In Comparison To Samuel De Champlain

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Henry Hudson and Samuel de Champlain were two great explorers. Both were born around 1570 and were sons of sea captains . However, even though they both have similarities from how they were brought up, their voyages were very different from one another. Even the types of explorers they were are different from each other.
Not a lot is known about Henry Hudson’s personal life. What we do know is that he was married to a woman named Katherine and they had three sons together. Also, it is said the Hudson was most likely to have come from a wealthy family and apparently his grandfather discovered a trading company named the “Muscovy Company . Henry Hudson’s first voyage was made in 1607 when he was hired to find a route from Europe to Asia through the Arctic Ocean in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately for Hudson, there was too much ice for him to complete his voyage and he had to turn back twice. In 1609, the Dutch East India Company hired him to make a third voyage. Instead of going the same way that he had in the past, Hudson decided to head east on a southern route on the Atlantic Coast. After making this journey, Hudson decided to turn back because he did not find the channel that he was looking for. Eventually, around 1610 or 1611, Hudson made his fourth and final voyage wandering through what is now the Hudson Bay. Sadly, Hudson’s voyage did not end well and that is why this was his last journey. Hudson’s crew thought that he went crazy because he was so determined to make sure he found what he was set out to be looking for; The Northwest Passage . Hudson’s crew is said to have committed mutiny and left Hudson for dead around 1611. It is unsure of how Hudson died. Some say that he died in his boat from very harsh weather conditions. Others say that Hudson may have been murdered. When Hudson’s crew returned back to London in 1611 without Hudson, they were all put on trial for murder and were subjected to death by hanging . Although Hudson’s friends that were on the journey with him had abandoned him for supposedly going “crazy”, Hudson showed true determination and showed that he was not willing to give up so easily. Henry Hudson wanted to do the job that he was hired to do and make sure that he found what he was supposed to be looking for. Although Hudson was not capable of making his dreams a reality, without him, New York City may not have been founded for who knows how much longer. Also, due to his discovery of the Hudson Bay, Hudson is considered to be someone crucial to the founding of Canada. Actually, when Hudson discovered the Hudson Bay he believed it to be a passage into the Pacific. This is because the Hudson is large enough to create tidal waves. Even though some people think that Hudson is a failure, because he never found a faster water route to Asia, he was seen as a very respectable and smart navigator. His ships always made it back safe to the people that invested in his voyages and now there are more bodies of water...

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