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Henry In Henry V Essay

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Henry in Henry V

The bishops refer to Henry in the first scene as "a sudden scholar"
who can "reason in divinity."

Canterbury says, "The king is full of grace, and fair regard.

Ely quotes "and a true lover of the holy church.

The two bishops, pretty much have the same view on Henry, they think
highly of him.

Henry's past is described by Ely and Canterbury, the two bishops.
Canterbury quotes,

"Since his addiction was to cause vain,

His companies unletter'd, rude, and shallow,

His hours filled with riots, banquets, sports;

And never noted in him any study,

And retirement any sequestration,

From open haunts and popularity."

Ely says, "The strawberry grows underneath the nettle."

And wholesome berries thrive and ripen best.

These two lines I think are the most two important lines in Ely's
speech. Ely is trying to say, "The strawberry grows underneath the

And wholesome berries thrive and ripen best,"

It's saying that underneath Henry's past yobbish behaviour, that deep
inside was a nice man.

The next scene brings about the talk of war.

We enter the king's palace and for the first time we get to see king
Henry and what he has to say. Henry asks the archbishop if he feels
that it is right to invade France. He questions the archbishop asking
him if his claim to the French throne is strong.

In this speech we hear the king asking the archbishop and in this
speech he asks for one thing above all else and that is for the
archbishop to speak the truth through honesty, even if it's not what
the king wants to hear.

King Henry also asks of the law of Salic.

This is the law by which no claim can be made via the roots of a
female relative, no female claim, this shows us that the king takes
war very seriously.

Reading this speech makes you realise that he does not want to rush
things, he actually sees war as a good...

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