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Henry Louis Gehrig (Lou Gehrig). Essay

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John MendezMr. RinardPeriod 4AP US HistoryHenry Louis Gehrig (Lou Gehrig)Henry Louis Gehrig, or Lou Gehrig, was born on June 19, 1903. When Lou was five years old, him and his family moved to Washington Heights from Yorkville. Lou's friends teased him about his German roots and was then called "Heinie," "dumb Dutchman," or "Krauthead." However, as he grew older, his size and muscles made other kids realize that he was not one to be teased.Lou finished grade school and turned fourteen just a few months after the US entered the war. In the fall of 1917, Lou started attending Commerce High School where he able to maintain good grades. He never missed a day of school, and between studying and working at odd jobs, Lou still found time to play high school sports which were more organized than the games to which he was used to. However, because of his shyness, he needed a push.By 1919, Lou played baseball, football, and soccer and helped Commerce High receive three straight soccer championships. In the spring of 1920, the baseball team was selected to represent the city of New York in a special "national championship" game with Chicago's top high school team, Lane Tech. The game was played on June 26 at Wrigley field in Chicago. Former president Howard Taft stopped by to wish the team luck. At the end of the eighth inning, Commerce had an 8-6 lead over Lane Tech. In the top of the ninth, the bases were full when Lou came up to bat. He hit sailing grand slam over the right field fence. The huge grand slam sealed the 12-6 victory for the boys from New York. The Chicago Tribune reported, "Gehrig's blow would have made any big leaguer proud, yet it was walloped by a boy who hasn't yet started to shave." The next day Lou and his...

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1091 words - 4 pages 62,000 fans at New York City’s Yankee Stadium, has become a cornerstone in the history of baseball in America. Lou Gehrig is considered one of the most under-rated sports players of all time. Gehrig played in the same era with greats like Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio. In Fact, Gehrig played on the same team and actually batted behind Ruth and DiMaggio. Gehrig’s nickname is the “Iron Horse,” which came about with Gehrig’s amazing consecutive

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1466 words - 6 pages for breathing since the lungs and the breathing passages are weakened. Soon after the breathing muscles go out, so do the eating ones. The ability for the person to swallow is lessened greatly. Feeding tubes are used to get food into the system. These accommodations are put in use normally around the middle to late stages of the disease. The first famous face of ALS was Henry Louis Gehrig is otherwise known as the “Iron Horse”. He was the first

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2105 words - 9 pages .  Description of ALS “I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth” (“Farewell”, n.d.) These were the words on Henry Louis Gehrig on July 4th, 1939 at Yankee Stadium. For most of his life, Lou Gehrig had been just that…lucky. Gehrig was a baseball superstar. He had appeared in 7 all-star games and won 6 World Series titles (“All-Star Game”, n.d; “Lou Gehrig”, n.d.). His record of streak of 2130 consecutive games played had earned him the

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1373 words - 5 pages Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is short for ALS, and is often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s disease.” Lou Gehrig was born in New York in June 19, 1903. In April of 1923, Lou Gehrig signed his first contract with the New York Yankees. He played for the Yankees for 15 years and lead them to 6 World Series between 1927 and 1938. Gehrig was known as a seven-time all-star champion, for his batting average and was named twice the American League's MVP

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2470 words - 10 pages ever $100,000 contracts.” “But when Musial didn’t live up to his own expectation in the 1959 season; his batting average being only .255, his lowest batting average for his entire career” (Stan Musial Statistics and History). He accepted a pay cut form $100,000 to $80,000. “In the middle of Stan Musial’s long career as a professional baseball player in the year 1957 he was honored with the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award” (Stan Musial Statistics and

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1993 words - 8 pages only .255, his lowest batting average for his entire career, he accepted a pay cut form $100,000 to $80,000. In the middle of Stan Musial’s long career as a professional baseball player in the year 1957 he was honored with the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award. The Lou Gehrig Award is given out annually to the player who best shows the character and integrity as Lou Gehrig himself once did. To top off Stan Musial’s incredible 22 year old career, he was

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839 words - 4 pages York City especially due to Babe Ruth’s performances with the two teams he played for in these cities. Another influence to young baseball fans in the 1920s is Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig also influenced people with his record breaking performances like Ruth. During Gehrig’s later career, he had sore muscles and started to perform very weak. This disease Gehrig had is a very rare condition. This disease was named after him called Lou Gehrig’s

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999 words - 4 pages baseball all day every day. George Herman “Babe” Ruth was known as the most famous athlete in the United States. He was a left handed hitter and right fielder of the New York Yankees. The great bambino hit more home runs than any player had ever hit before. He excited fans with his outgoing personality on and off the field. Babe Ruth was the perfect hero for the Roaring Twenties. Lou Gehrig was also a baseball legend. Lou Gehrig's legendary

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975 words - 4 pages being 45.6 years old.The most classic case of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig was a New York Yankees first baseman, who from 1923 to 1939, had never missed a game and had a life time batting average of .340. However, the symptoms of ALS emerged in 1938, and in 1939, he was diagnosed with the disease. At that time doctors knew little to nothing about the disease and the only suggested treatment was the untested vitamin E. So

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1278 words - 5 pages whatever they need to pass away comfortably. The benefits of hospice include extra assistance with bathing/feeding, pain management, Chaplin services, and volunteers (Nursing Facility, 2010). On June 2, 1941 America lost a great baseball player from the New York Yankees due to ALS (Lou, 2011). From that moment on they would call ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Lou Gehrig noticed that he had several of the disease symptoms while playing on the field

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