Henry Tam And The Mgi Team

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Case Summary
The business plan contest was only three weeks left and Henry Tam alongside his team members, the MGI, were not near the completion of their business plan. Their initial plan and vision was not selected as they expected. The team had extremely strong skills, but that was not making any significant progress in their preparation towards the business contest plan. The team members consisted of very strength and multitalented people, with diverse functionality, enthusiasm, and passion towards their remarkable product. However, conflicts and divisions started arising within the team.

Major problem
There were many factors preventing the success of the team and made it process ...view middle of the document...

The members did not trust each other, and each of them wanted to have their goals first, which led to further conflicts.
• The lack of team roles
The unclear defined roles and leadership was another challenge encountered. The task was not divided among the team members, and there were not an official empowered team leader who could define the roles structure, the decision-making process and assessing team performance. Henry indicated that he and Dana had taken a lot of work and responsibility; they were the CEOs and the directing people to do different tasks and doing management, which was very frustrating for them.
• The lack of common goals
There were not clear goals carried by the team member, which caused the difficulty of moving the company forward. In the beginning there were a conflict due to not deciding the proper target market, the founders were aiming to win the business plan competition, and looking for someone who could work on doing general management, sales and marketing for their product. On the other hand, the students were aiming to launch the business successfully, and looking at a company for them to work for The Harvard Business Plan Contest. In addition, Sasha and Igor wished to sell the product as a game (entertainment) while the students’ team believed it should be used as an educational tool “We had some good debates about the direction of the company,” recalled Sasha, “like whether we should be acting as a publisher versus a developer, and whether we should be targeting kids versus teenagers’’

• The lack of brainstorming progressing
The team accomplishments were progressing in very slow manner. Although they had been met each other for two months but they did not start writing even the first draft of the plan, which was due in just three weeks. The brainstorming spent too much time and in a disorganized way with no clear outputs, more complicated and confusion. While Henry and Dana wanted to see more progress during the meeting, the others were not, and felt comfortable with brainstorming. Moreover, the team’s members supposed to brainstorm on the team’s goals, mutual roles and responsibilities, interpersonal skills, task, communication and decision but in this case that was not happened. What happened was so direct instruction as when Sasha gave Henry and Dana a task to contact HBS’s alumni. So, the storming failed in developing communication between the founders and both of the students as no brainstorming took place.

• The lack of interpersonal congruence
There were multiple differences among members that could be the basis of the team difficulty dealing with each other and heighten the conflict. These differences were: differences in age and nationality, different styles of thinking, methods of time management, and approaches to problem solving.

Factors contributed to the problems
• Cultural and backgrounds differences
The team comprised of people with varied cultural backgrounds and experiences. To begin...

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