Her First Ball By Katherine Mansfield

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The Dreaded Glass Slipper
In Katherine Mansfield’s “Her First Ball”, she describes an enchanting scene of a young girl debuting into modern society. Her own feelings show through the main protagonist, her own loneliness, and longing for a genuine relationship. Mansfield shows how loneliness affects the writing of an author through all the outer world interferences down trotting her emotions. Her story is somewhat in the beginning a Cinderella story, but the ending is not a happily ever after. The story reveals Mansfield’s personal emotions put into her characters, and she creates a romantic fairytale image to the reader. The focus in the story is whether Leila finds her prince, and has the ...view middle of the document...

In her story she uses imagery such as “He was tossed away on a great wave of music that came flying over the gleaming floor, […]” (Mansfield par. 20). She takes her own personal experience and puts into the story and turns ”Her First Ball” into an enchanting tale that describes a star struck young lady that is introduced into a high class society. Her style develops through the outside influences in her life.
The Cinderella Complex common among women makes them absolutely dependent on the opposite gender for support and dependence. The Cinderella Complex is not officially recognized as a disorder. The name permits women to grasp that they are completely fragile to the comments and treatment of the opposite sex. The name Cinderella Complex, conjured up by Colette Dowling, for her book which describes the complex as the need to be taken care of by the opposite gender. The Cinderella Complex describes the complex as a fear of growing old and alone. Mansfield writes “poor heart-“because no one wants to kiss you now” (Mansfield par. 43). Another perception of the Cinderella Complex is the women show by disempowering themselves and make a necessity out heaving a man sweep them off their feet in a hurricane romance. Bobby Seal argues “[…] writings suggest a sense of personal truth; a subjective truth based on female experiences in a society where women were still marginalized” (Seal par. 5).” Cinderella Complex affects women in modern day society by making the women feel like they have to have a man to be accepted, but when in reality they do not need a spouse to be accepted at all. Women of modern day society believe that they need a fairytale romance to define who they are through the way society presents the image of love. Most present day television shows, multimedia, and social media present love as a mad infatuation that last forever leaving the impression on the females in society that they must have that same type of romance. Cinderella complex makes realizing true love and fogs the senses of the mind and heart.
In Katherine Mansfield’s “Her First Ball”, she utilizes a technique showing signs of the Cinderella Complex through the use of imagery, and personification throughout the story. Her use of imagery makes the whole story move, like a Disney movie playing in the reader’s mind “[…] and the bolster on which her hand rested felt like the sleeve of an unknown young man’s dress suit” (Mansfield par. 1 ). Katherine Mansfield uses personal experiences in spurts within the plot of “Her First Ball” and makes an emotional connection to the reader’s heart. The mood of the story affected by the imagery creates a lovely and enchanting vision of dancing couples in glorious ball gowns and even the enchanting night time sky described as she heads to the ball in the coach. The imagery is intricate and brightens the story into a wonder filled ball. Through personification, Mansfield shows how she obsesses over fictional fairytales instead of reality or...

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