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Her Goodbye Essay

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Seven days after the death of Miss Summers, Connor Hanes, visited the Summers household, blue in his cheeks and red stained eyes. The night before this, Tilly Summers had informed him that she'd read and destroyed her letter, and he was set on opening his soon after.

Sitting in the hamper, was a red envelope, and in gold cursive letters was his name, clear as day. He didn't want to cry, he wanted to be strong, he didn't want to show anyone that this girl had an effect on him that he'd never, ever be able to shake off. She was going to be his wife.

Mrs Summers set a mug of hot cocoa on the kitchen ...view middle of the document...

You have always found the best in me and simply for that I feel blessed, and I always will feel that way. What would my life have been like without you?

I have enclosed the bracelet you gave me on our fourth anniversary. You said it was for that anyway, I could have sworn with my life that it was because of the blood you'd seen days before, I assumed it was your way of saying we were together, and we could get through anything. SS

So, I hope, I truly hope that If I give you this, It will help you be strong too. This is tortuous for me, trust me. I want you so much.

Only now have I come to terms with the fact that I will never see you again. I know it’ll be painful for me, and perhaps for you, more so for you, but when I go, take a deep breath and start each day smiling, knowing that I’ll always be living with you. I know things are painful and complicated at first, but you have to promise me Connor, that you will never change who you are. You are remarkable, handsome,...

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