Herb Is The Healing Of A Nation

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Herb is the Healing of a Nation
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the sovereign rights of a man. This means every human should be able to live a fulfilling life as they see fit following dreams and aspirations until happiness and inner peace is achieved. From the dawn of human time expanding one’s conscious was the known path to enlightenment, self actualization, and ultimate happiness. People take all different routes whether it is through religion, meditation, knowledge, or even the use of psychedelics like marijuana. Whichever way a person finds happiness; it should not be obstructed by humans genetically no different as marijuana is today by the government. Current marijuana laws violate not only human rights but constitutional as well. Most of our beliefs about marijuana stem from social conditioning and propaganda, but as one takes a closer look at the history and properties of the cannabis plant; a candle is lit in the darkness of deception. No longer is marijuana the evil drug depicted by society, but a beautiful miracle of life. After all, isn’t making nature illegal just absurd?
The history of marijuana is a long and fruitful journey deep into the very foundations of humanity. Thousands of years before the god of today’s religions revealed himself; cannabis was being grown in the agricultural revolution by our early ancestors. Ancients utilized the plant forming the first clothes, ropes, and nets of humanity (Hui-Lin 448). Many years later around 1000 BCE we find cannabis is recreationally smoked in the birthplace of math and science, India (Snyder 125). Members of all social castes from India’s elite to the untouchables were getting baked. The elite aristocrats’ offered marijuana at banquets and parties to promote cheerfulness and a good time for their guests where as the common Indian would smoke to relive stress and fatigue while raising their spirit after long days of labor (Geller and Boas 5). The sensation soon spread to all corners becoming very prominent in the Middle East and Europe where doctors praised marijuana for its many ailments (Grinspoon 56). Hemp was the leading cash crop during the time of imperialism and colonialism helping build The New World. The first marijuana law passed was in 1619, requiring all colonists to grow hemp; in fact you could even pay taxes with hemp as it was so highly valued. It was known as the world’s strongest and most durable fiber. Uses are estimated today at over 10,000 ranging from medicine to food, textiles, timber, oils, and paper. Thomas Jefferson would even go on to draft the Declaration of Independence on cannabis hemp paper, forever engraining marijuana in our history.
The downfall and prohibition of marijuana came with the appointment of Harry J. Anslinger as the first director of The Federal Bureau of Narcotics in 1930. Anslinger unique position allowed him to define the problem and solution. Anslinger’s reason for targeting marijuana is unknown but his...

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