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Herbal and natural medicine is becoming increasingly popular in 21st century culture. It may be surprising to some that many of these herbal treatments and medicines have been around for centuries and are the basis for both commercially prepared medications, as well as the chemical manufacture of new pharmaceutical compounds (Phaneuf, 2005). One of these compounds, which has influenced chemistry and medicine for centuries is willow bark, which contains the chemical salicin (Boon, 2009). Its origins and discovery, as well as the historical culture, have influenced its incorporation as the common pharmaceutical preparation known as aspirin.
Historical writings of Hippocrates (460 BC-377 BC) refer to the use of a white powder made from the bark and leaves of willow trees for pain relief and fevers (Bellis). Native American lore also reports the chewing of willow bark and preparation of willow water for ailments such as toothache and headache (Phaneuf, 2005). In the 1700’s Edmund Stone, While trying to find a substitute for cinchona bark used for treating malaria, began experimenting with white willow bark and found it to be highly effective in treating pain and fevers (White Willow Bark). In 1826, a highly impure version of salicin was reported by Brugnatelli and Fontana (Bellis). Johann Buchner, in 1828, in the search for the active ingredient in willow bark, isolated yellow, needle-like crystals which he named salicin (Bellis). Soon after, Henri Leroux improved the extraction procedure, and in 1838, Raffaele Pira was able to split salicin into a sugar and an aromatic compound (Bellis). He converted this aromatic compound by hydrolysis and oxidation to the compound known now as salicylic acid (Bellis). In 1899, the German scientist, Felix Hoffmann, who worked for a company known as Bayer, neutralized salicylic acid by buffering it with acetyl chloride and sodium, producing acetylsalicylic acid, commonly known as aspirin (White Willow Bark and Salicin). Hoffman’s discovery was the result of his research for a remedy to relieve his father’s arthritis, and became the aspirin familiar today (White Willow Bark). The name aspirin comes from the “A”, representing acetyl chloride, “spir” from Spirea ulmaria, the plant the salicylic acid came from, and “in”, a common ending for medicines at that point in time (Bellis). Within the matter of a few short years, aspirin was one of the most widely used drugs available (White Willow Bark).

The genus Salix contains a number of species which are native to North America, Europe, and Asia (Boon, 2009). The trees range in height from 30-70 feet, have soft “willowy” leaves, and a soft bark that is easily separated from its branches (Boon, 2009). The phenolic glycosides responsible for its therapeutic benefits are commonly found in its bark, as well as its leaves (Boon, 2009). White willow (Salix alba) is commonly found in the United States. It is also commonly found on the European continent. Other common...

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