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Herbal Essences Vs Pantene (Strategic Marketing)

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Introduction Of the two products:

Herbal Essence:

A products part of Clairol brands, made its new coming in the Lebanese market in 1995, introducing a new concept of shampoos for men and women, this product claims that it leaves "Gorgeous, luxuriously soft hair."


A product that joined the Lebanese market in 1984, he brought the revolution of the shampoo industry, with their new pro-v formulas that revitalizes the hair, their main logo was a "serious care for beautiful hair", they promised to keep the hair "Shiny and Bouncy."

Situation Analysis:

The situation analysis usually covers external environmental forces and internal no marketing resources.

It considers the groups of consumers, the strategies used to satisfy them, and key measures of marketing performance.

The Lebanese economic and political situation can not be envied by any other country, the economy crises that it is currently facing is the major cause for the lack of investment and the search for the lowest prices by the consumers.

So when a consumer goes shopping and according to his real income, which is in general, very low, he finds himself in the obligation to search for the lowest prices in the market and acceptable quality not the best one for every product he is buying.

As Pantene and Herbal Essence, are two imported products, they are facing a big threat that every other imported product is facing because of the low price and the acceptable quality of the local products.

SWOT Analysis for both products:

Table 1 Shows a SWOT analysis for Herbal Essence.

Strength - Effective Team work

- Employees Highly motivated

Weakness - High operating expenses difficult to compete with the low prices of the market.

- Inexperienced staff because of their new late entrance in the Lebanese market.

Opportunities - Part of the market not targeted yet, like the teen market whether they are male or female.

Threats - Socioeconomic situation of Lebanon very unstable

Instability of the market, due to pressure of some political persons.
Excessive VAT.
Emergence of the Lebanese products

Table 2, Shows a SWOT analysis for Pantene

Strength - Experienced Staff

- Staff Highly motivated

Weakness - Lack of innovation and creativity

- No Body wash present in their brand

Opportunities - Competitive prices could help their market share grow, because of the low real income.

- Profit from their old name in the Lebanese market.

Threats - Emergence of the Lebanese products

Socioeconomic situation of Lebanon very unstable
Instability of the market, due to pressure of some political persons.
Excessive VAT.

Market Target Description:

Herbal Essence mainly targets the youth market, their clients are mainly young or they like to change from their old shampoo, their products are currently available in 90% of all the shops in Lebanon. Due to a research rarely do their customers search for the type of...

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