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Herbert Alexander Simon was an American scientist who was born in 1916 in Milwaukee in America and died in February 2001 at an age of 85. Simon graduated from the University of Chicago in 1936, obtaining his PhD in 1943. After six years he became the Professor of Administration and Psychology at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, and later on, Professor of Computer Science and Psychology. He was one of psychology's most original thinkers and was well known for his work in economics, which is the science relating to the production and distribution of material wealth; condition of country with regard to material prosperity, psychology, which is the science of the nature; plus functions and phenomena of the human mind and conduct, as well as computer science, which is self explanatory.In 1978, Simon's hard work and studies paid off when he won the Nobel Prize for Economics for his research on the decision-making process in business.Behaviorism has been a major part of psychology since around 1930, with its importance on observing behavior, but was now moving towards conscious perspectives that highlight mental processes, such as perceiving, and problem-solving so Simon's theory was basically that business managers always choose the option which would result in making the most money. He said that managers, who don't have a lot of time and/or information to make decisions, came to a judgment as to what they considered to be realistic profits. Personally, I don't feel Simon should have been awarded a Noble Prize for stating the obvious, because I think that all owners and managers of companies would take this path anyway, or they would employ Business Advisers, otherwise why are they either in business or running a business? Simon also used computers to study human thoughts. His research involved the making of computer programs that mimic human way of thinking and problem solving.In 1980, Simon wrote in the Centennial Issue of Science, "Over the past quarter-century, no development in the social sciences has been more radical than the revolution -- often referred to as the information processing revolution -- in our way of understanding the processes of human thinking." This book was written in the year in which the events took place and reflected the style and thinking of that time. I believe this to mean that there had not been such a significant increase in the understanding of human thoughts and behavior since 25 years before the American Revolution. Several important publications in psychology at the same time, pointed towards the growing agreement of this important trend.Later in his career, Simon and a team of psychologists and computer scientists at...

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