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Herbert Clark Hoover Essay

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Page 1 President Hoover was a very decorated person that gained popularity and admiration in four areas, which included geological engineering, war relief work, politics, and governmental bureaucracy. His highest point of his public career, being elected president, was dominated by the Great Depression just 6 months after his election, which was his biggest disappointment and failure.Early Life Herbert Clark Hoover was born on August 10, 1874, in the Quaker Village of West Branch, Iowa. He was the son of Quakers, Jesse Hoover, a blacksmith and dealer in farm implements, and Hulda Minthorn Hoover, a teacher. "Bertie", as known to his family had and older brother named Theodore and a younger sister named May. All three children became orphans at a very young age. Hoover was only 6yrs. old when his father died of typhoid fever at age 34 and his mother of pneumonia 3yrs. later. All three children were separated and sent to live with their relatives. On September of 1884 Hoover went to live in Newberg, Oregon under the care of his maternal uncle, Dr. Henry J. Minthorn, a physician and businessman. Hoover attended Friends' Pacific Academy, a Page2 Quaker school founded and conducted by his uncle. Four years later Hoover became employed by a land settlement business in Salem, Oregon also founded by his uncle.There he served as an office boy for the next two years.Life's work and Career In 1891, Hoover became the youngest member of the first class to attend Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, were he majored in geology. He worked his way through college, by serving on numerous geological survey teams. In 1895, he graduated from Stanford University with an A.B. degree, and in 1897 he was hired by a British company, for which he was sent to Australia, to mage a gold mine, for two years.In 1899, he married Lou Henry of Waterloo, Iowa. Hoover and Lou Henry me her freshman year in college at Stanford, were she was also majoring in geology. That same year Herbert and Lou left for China. There were he was offered a program of developing its natural resources. Both became actively involved in the aid of those civilians caught in the Boxer Rebellion (1900), the anti-foreign uprising in China.In 1901 Hoover became partner with Bewick, Moeing, and Company, were he Page3 spent the next 7 years climbing the latter of success, traveling around the world on business trips as a mining engineer. During this time Hoovers first born, Herbert Clark Hoover Jr. was born in London on August 4, 1903 and his second child Allen Henry on July 17, 1907.Beginning of his Success By age 34 , Hoover had great wealth and was well known due to his profession as well as interests and chairmanship in mining companies. When World War I began in 1914, Hoover was in Europe were he was involved in relief work helping out those Americans stranded in Europe and organizing an American Relief Committee. This brought him recognition as a public figure and a practical idealist. When the...


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1109 words - 4 pages : Universe, 2005. Farmer, Brian R. American Conservatism: History, Theory and Practice. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2005. Gunderson, Cory G. The Great Depression. Edina, Minn: ABDO, 2004. Hoover, Herbert. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. 10 7 1933. 9 12 2013. . Northrup, Cynthia Clark and Elaine C Prange

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3291 words - 13 pages ) Works Cited "Grand Canyon." Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia. 1986 ed."Hoover Dam." Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia. 1986 ed. Hoover Dam: The Making of a Monument. Videocassette. PBS Home Video, 1999. 60 min."Hoover, Herbert Clark." Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia. 1986

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1084 words - 5 pages experiment”(The New Day; Campaign Speeches of Herbert Hoover) that it was supposed to be, it increased crime rates and allowed for the formation of crime syndicates who would make millions in illegal liquor sales through, bootlegging; the illegal production of alcohol, and rum-running; the smuggling of liquor into the United States that was legally produced elsewhere. Alcohol was outlawed from its manufacture to its sale, however there was a substantial

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2190 words - 9 pages Topic: The relationship between Gene and Finny is a microcosm of the outer world."Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die. And it is youth who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow, and the triumphs that are the aftermath of war." (Herbert Clark Hoover). This speech, made by Mr. Hoover illustrates the misconception of war that is passed down by generation, filled by over-glorified lies, which enthrall the youth to join

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1512 words - 6 pages and Racism. Ed. John Hartwell Moore. Vol. 2. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008. 364-368. Gale Power Search. Web. 19 May 2014. Horne, Gerald. "National Negro Congress." Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History. Ed. Colin A. Palmer. 2nd ed. Vol. 4. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2006. 1614-1615. Gale Power Search. Web. 22 May 2014. "Hoover, Herbert Clark (1874–1964)." Encyclopedia of the American Presidency. Michael A. Genovese

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2018 words - 8 pages On June 22nd 1903 John Herbert Dillinger was born to John and Mollie Dillinger . His parents ran and owned a grocery store in Indianapolis, Indiana, and at the age of three his mother died . John Dillinger’s father described his son as a “restless and aggressive” child . Beginning from a young age, the dark side of Dillinger became evident, as he created and led a gang called ‘The Dirty Dozen’ . The worst criminal act the ‘Dirty Dozen


777 words - 3 pages alcohol related crime cost the country millions. Alcohol was still abundant in the U.S. after it was made illegal and crime only rose. President Herbert Hoover looked back on prohibition and called it an "experiment noble in purpose". Clergy and women of the time agreed completely. Prohibition started in 1920 with the 18th amendment to the Constitution. The 18th amendment prohibited the transportation, sale, and manufacturing of alcohol

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1895 words - 8 pages ). World Book Web. Retrieved June 20, 2011 from World Book Advanced. Rung, M. C. (June 19, 2011). New Deal. World Book Web. Retrieved June 19, 2011 from World Book Advanced. Walch, T. (June 19, 2011). Hoover, Herbert Clark. World Book Web. Retrieved June 19, 2011 from World Book Advanced.

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3738 words - 15 pages of any land. The poorhouse is vanishing from among us.'1In mid-October, 1929, the average middle-class American saw ahead of him anillimitable vista of prosperity. I newly inaugurated president, Herbert Hoover, hadannounced soberly in the previous year that the conquest of poverty longer a mirage: 'Wehave not yet reached our goal, but given a chance to go forward with the policies of thelast eight years, and we shall soon with the help of God be

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3996 words - 16 pages . Municipal authorities, unable to provide adequate help, were forced to adopt a tolerant attitude against these squatters. As time passed the structures became more elaborate and habitable, but older children were inclined to wander away and look for opportunities elsewhere.13Fifty years after his presidency and twenty after his death, Herbert Clark Hoover remains the person most Americans held responsible for the economic calamity that struck after

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1405 words - 6 pages could hear Capone scream out at night for "Jimmy" to leave him alone. One of the 7 victims from the St. Valentine's Day Massacre was named James Clark, who also happened to be "Bugs" Moran's brother-in-law. He was haunted by a ghost. With the government having Capone behind bars, and the blessing of newly elected President Herbert Hoover, the IRS Special Intelligence Unit sought evidence of tax evasion, Capone's Miami home irrefutable proof of

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