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Herbert Hoover, Man Of Kindness Essay

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Before he was president, Herbert Clark Hoover was a good humanitarian with a good reputation. He was at one time a good engineer. Before that he was an iowa farm boy.
Herbert was the son of a blacksmith and was born at West Branch and became an orphan when he was 10. He was raised by his uncles, first in Iowa and then in Oregon.
He worked his way through Stanford University, earned a degree, and by 23 was head of mines in Australia. He then went to work for the Chinese Imperial Bureau of mines with his wife Lou.
By 1914, Hoover had offices all over the world and $5 million dollars by working on mining operations. He turned to serve the public, making an effort to feed starving people in ...view middle of the document...

He had a hard time with politics and our economy like it was. Many say he was the reason that it happened and others say different. You really had to be a political figure to know the whole truth and how everything went down.
In 1931 he let indirect aid to sink farmers. Not much rain was coming so there was nothing the farmers could do except watch the crops they worked hard to plant die. Hoover tried lots of things to stop the depression. Such as public work projects, he tried to help out the farmers, but a lot of the people he tried didn’t like him and it was just a big argument or a fight because they wanted more and more when he was doing all he could.
He just kept on doing and trying to help people and being a problem solver even though the people didn’t like him he just hid the pain that he was being blammed for all the broke and poor people and buisnesses.
After he left the white house he went back to his home in Stanford. He joined the Boys’ Clubs of America. He was in service with that for 25 years. He established the Polish relief Commission when war broke out with Germany and poland. He fed Belgium, Holland, Finland, and Poland.
He has his own tower at Stanford University called the Hoover Tower. For...

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