Herbs For Arthritis Relief Essay

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Herbs for Arthritis Relief

More than 50 million Americans have been suffering from arthritis but it remains an often misunderstood disease, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Arthritis is not a single disease, but it covers over 100 medical conditions that affects the musculoskeletal system, particularly the joints. One in every five American adults have been diagnosed with arthritis and it is not just a disease of old age. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, nearly two-thirds of adults with arthritis are under the age of 65 and this includes children. Because it covers more than 100 conditions, arthritis management and prevention differs depending on the ...view middle of the document...

It contains curcumin, which is comparable to potent drugs and over-the-counter anti inflammatory agents when it comes to effectiveness in reducing inflammation. Suggested dosage for turmeric is 1-3 grams per day in divided doses.

Green tea
Green tea comes from evergreen tree and known to be the least processed among other teas, thus it provides more antioxidants that helps in fighting off free radicals. The antioxidant polyphenols are an active ingredient of green tea that is effective in treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also has anti inflammatory substance called EGCG that halts arthritis development. A cup of green tea contains 20-35 mg of EGCG, which is the highest antioxidant activity of all the green tea catechins.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera leaves produces a gel-like substance that contains sterols, which has an anti inflammatory effect on the body. It helps by reducing joint pain and inflammation, making it an effective treatment for arthritis. Regular intake and application of aloe vera juice and gel is needed to maximize the benefits it provided.

Bromelain is a complex mixture of substance found in the stem and fruit of the pineapple plant. It is an effective remedy in relieving arthritis pain and reducing inflammation, especially if combined with rutin and trypsin. It also helps in improving knee function for arthritic patients. Bromelain is considered safe if taken in appropriate amounts; however, moderate interaction occurs if taken with...

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