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Career Research Paper

Someday I will have to go to college and know what classes I'm going to have to take to have a successful career. To do this I will have to know what I want to be and if it fits my lifestyle. I researched a career that I think I will like and the career that I chose to research is a high school P.E. teacher.

I chose to research this specific job because I am very competitive and I would like to become a high school volleyball coach so this career will help me to find a coaching position much easier than if I didn't have a job at a school. I don't think that being a P.E. teacher would ever bore me and I could have fun with it. I think this career will be perfect for me and I would love to teach high school kids to play sports.

A person can't just become a P.E. teacher; there are certain things I would have to do first before I could become one. First I would have to graduate high school. Then I would have to go to college for four years and get a bachelor's degree. I plan on going to a junior college then a four year college to get a bachelor's degree. After I get my bachelor's degree I would then have to do some student teaching to get me experienced so I could get a job.

After people are done with college they usually have a problem finding a job but finding a job is a benefit of being a teacher. Finding a teaching job is becoming a pretty easy thing to do if you have the right education and is becoming even easier. In the future finding a teacher job will be even easier because more job openings are going to become available.

If I were to want to make more money, I would have to hit the books again and go back to college. A teacher with a bachelor's degree make about $30,939 a year and a teacher with a bachelor's degree and experience make about $46,069. A teacher with a master's degree gets paid about $34,025 and a teacher with experience and a master's degree makes about $56,404. So the key to making more money as a teacher is experience and getting a master's degree.

As a teacher I would work with a team of teachers and other educational staff. I would work regular school hours but sometimes I might have to work lunches, evenings, or weekend hours to supervise clubs or organization and sometimes I might have to work overtime to complete grading papers. This career doesn't require...

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