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Here It Is Essay

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Is it possible for two culture separated from each other by thousands of miles be influenced by one another. It seems so in the case of Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology. But how can they know about each other if they are so distant from each other? It is possible that the Viking civilization was exposed to Greek traditions and myths. During the time of when Viking era they did advance as far as the Caspian Sea during the years 780-1070A.D. This would give the Vikings plenty of time to be exposed to Greek influences. The Vikings aren't the only ones to be expanding. At the height of the Roman Empire, which literally stole every one of the Greek Myths, the Romans reached as far as Britain, ...view middle of the document...

He chose to rule the heavens and all that which came from it. His brother Poseidon chose to rule all the oceans and all that were in it, Hades, his third brother, was left with the later of the parts, the underworld. From heaven Zeus chose a weapon, the thunderbolt, which he whirled and never missed. Due to all his power Zeus had the ability to change and distort his shape into what ever he imagined. His most famous shaping shifting was into animals which he roamed the earth as. One of the most popular acts of Zeus was his love for women. He would often change into such animals as bulls or swans and charge or swoop down from Mt.Olympus to ravage unsuspecting mortals. He had many wives, which bore him many children. Odin is the king over all of the Norse gods and goddesses. He is associated with many things including war, poetry, wisdom, and death. Odin was one of three sons Vili and Ve to Borr and Bestla. He was a key figure in the battle of earth between the gods and the giants. After the gods were victorious Odin inherited the earth and created all the lands and creatures upon it. He used the giant's leader Ymir's body to create the land. His flesh became the earth, his blood and sweat was made into the oceans and seas, his bones and teeth were made into the hills and cliffs, and his hair became the trees and all vegetation. He watched the land grow and cultivate from his throne, Hlidskialf, upon Asgard, the holy land where no mortal man or woman could ever step foot on. From Odin all other gods spurn forth from. He married the goddess Frigg, and she bore him many children. Of his children was Thor, Hermod, and Balder. He had the ability to change his appearance; he would often change into animals or other beings and walk the earth among mortals. Odin enjoyed walking among mortals, more often than not he would take an appearance of what was known as "The Wanderer" he would walk the earth looking for women to have "relations" with. There are many similarities between Zeus and Odin. Both of the supreme beings were rulers over all others. Both of them, in their own respect, created earth and all that lived upon it. The two had their own kingdom in the sky where only other gods were allowed to go. Both were also great warriors. They used their strength and wisdom to defeat the "unbeatable" and gain their powers and rule. Zeus and Odin had a love for women which was unmatched by no one but themselves. Their powers granted them the ability to change shape into whatever pleased them. There are so many similarities it is hard to imagine one did not spawn from the other. Another direct relation would have to be the comparison of Posiden and Aegir. Posiden was the god of sea. He was brother to Zeus and Hades. In the drawing of the straws he received the ocean as his kingdom. His power was very mighty second only to the great Zeus. Due to his strength many feared him. He was known for his temper and rage. When upset he would crush...

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