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This is a remembering events essay reflecting back on an experience that effected my life and made me wonder about Bill Engvalls routine. I just hate stupid people. They should have to wear signs that just say I'm stupid. That way you wouldn't rely on them, would you? You wouldn't ask them anything. It would be like, "Excuse me...oops, never mind" "I didn't see your sign." ( - Bill Engvall)Bill really sums it all up in his comedy routine. One thing that is not mentioned in his routine is how human stupidity can cause traumatic ripples in others lives.Through that weekend, I remained focused in the here and now, real time. Upon arriving home, I began the process of absorbing those past few days and the events that transpired. When Annette asked me to go to Live Oak, Florida to help her with getting her dogs appraised, I accepted; even though my feathers were ruffled when she told me that I would have to pay half of the expenses, mainly gas. I thought helping her meant-‘technically working for her.’ She drives a four-wheel drive Dodge truck. Can we say ‘gas hog’?I never said anything to her about my feelings because I was looking forward to sometime away from Devin and time to play as if I was not a mother. The next few days were definitely not, what I expected.Annette breeds a rare breed called, South African Boerboel. In order to register the pups with the SABBA, South African Boerboel Breeder Association, her dam and sire both need appraised. A huge benefit to having these appraisals done is that the higher the score, the better quality of the pups; which helps to improve the preservation of the Boerboel breed.As the morning gradually faded away, we prepared for the day. After helping Annette load three 100 lb+/- dogs and their crates into her truck, we followed Shirley and Buddy, the regional representative for the SABBA and local breeder, to the appraisal site located at the nearest fairgrounds. Upon arriving, we helped Shirley set up for the admissions and collection of the fees. The air seemed to grow heavy, when a dark burgundy suburban pulled around the parking area.Teri, Gtottrek Kennels breeder, leaned over whispering, “That guy, Ty, is from South Carolina. He is selling his dogs for boar hunting purposes.”“Uh huh,” is all I said. I knew not to believe everything I heard.The suburban continued past the other parked vehicles and proceeded directly to the pavilion. He sure had some nerve. As the back door opened, a teenage girl jumps out followed by four more children varying in age. A woman in the front passenger seat just opened her door and sat there. Ty came around to the back hatch. That is when I turned away to help Annette get Malenga, her female, ready to be the first appraisal of the day.Returning to the pavilion with Malenga in Annette’s care, we had to go around to the other side. Ty had released three very rambunctious puppies that were zigzagging through picnic tables, dogs and...

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