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Hero Essay

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Brandon Mullins, from the small town of Owensboro, KY, was just like any other kid growing up. Just trying to have a “good time,” raise some hell, and get into a little bit of trouble. I have known Brandon since we have been able to walk. We were in the same grade school, up until the time it closed down and they moved to another city, around the time we were 8 or 9 years old. From the time we were little kids, everyone could tell that there was something special about him. Although he did have his difficulties growing up, there was always the soft-spoken, kind-hearted kid that everyone grew to love. All his friends had given him the nickname, “the chubby kid down the street.” Before Brandon started getting into trouble, during the course of his childhood, he wanted to do well, and be a good person. Almost every time someone saw him, he was wearing his sheriff outfit, and putting people in handcuffs, which was ironic because he ended up being the one that was on the wrong end of the law. Throughout the first few teenage years, Brandon was a troublemaker. He was thrown in jail multiple times, for different things, including breaking into someone’s house, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. At times, he was a very reckless and irresponsible person, not having a care in the world, and living life like there were no rules to follow. Even through all of his troubles, Brandon always had his friends best interests, and cares in mind. He never let his friends take the fall for anything that he was involved in, even if it meant that he had to spend a few days, or even months behind bars. He, and everyone surrounding him, was surprised when he graduated high school without being held back or failing a grade. After graduating high school, Brandon decided going to college at that time was not going to be for him, in fact he had decided going to college at ANYTIME was not for him. For a year after getting his diploma, he turned back to that unproductive, and hell-raising lifestyle that he used to have. He partied, drank, and smoked away an entire year before deciding that, like his brother, joining the military was the only was he was going to have any chance at a successful and rewarding life. One year after graduating, he took the oath and joined the United States Army, as Private Mullins, the lowest rank you can start at in the Army. His brother, was just like Brandon in his character traits. For the first two years he was in the military, Shawn Mullins, Brandon’s brother, put forth more effort trying to get kicked out of the military than he had ever did anything else. At this time, Brandon had decided that it was time for him to straighten up and start living right, not just for him, but for his dad, who was also in the military, his mother, and his brother. He wanted to be an example for Shawn, so they could serve together, without any worries of either of them getting the boot. Brandon immediately excelled in everything he done in the Army,...

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