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There was an article in The Japan Times, October 2, 2013 by a person named Kyodo. In the article they talked about a great daring, heart wrenching sacrifice of a young Japanese woman that was riding along with her elderly father one day. When going along they came upon a set of railroad tracks. The train was steadily moving along those tracks towards them. The young girl noticed an elderly man lying on the tracks. She yelled to her father, “I have to, I have to move him, and I have to save his life.” These heroic words were the last words that this elderly father would hear from his daughter. That day pulling the man to safety the young Japanese girl was hit by the train while she saved the man’s life.
Greg Botellio, Vivian Levo, and Josh Levs all of Atlanta, Georgia works for CNN news and reported on August 22, 2013 on a story that was developing at a school named Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy. This day they reported that it does not take a physical act to be a hero. Sometimes it takes a person’s brave words and understanding to be a hero. On that day in the school a crazed gunman with an AK-47 rushed into the building shooting. He was furious and outraged at cops. His target was not to harm children but the police officers who would respond to the scene. The man darts outside with the gun shooting at the police officers then runs back inside where a woman named Antoinette Tuff, a young receptionist at the school. Ms. Tuff talked to the gunman. She began being understanding, sympathetic and did not judge the man. She let him know that he was not alone and that she was there for him. To sympathize she opened her own life problems with the gentleman and then they could relate. The man was very unstable and was not mentally sound he told Ms. Tuff. The gunman told Ms. Tuff that he did not want to harm the children and had no problem taking his own life. Being the mediator between the cops and the gunman, she let the cops know that he was unsound and was willing to die. In the end by showing understanding, compassion and being there for the gunman she got him to surrender and no one was harmed. In this story Ms. Tuff is the hero to the children of the school, hero to the gunman, and definitely a hero to the cops who the gunman wanted to kill.
In the book, “The Hero’s Journey” by Harold Bloom there is a story of two young men of Hellenic and Roman decent wanted to bring social order upon their homelands. Achilles and Aeneas, set out on a self-sacrificing journey to bring the order to their homes by battling. The stories of these two battling men were to provide wisdom and a will to survive. They desired a social change and order to their societies and lived their lives to do so. Heroic to say the least to live their life to better that of their lands.
Ernesto Quinonez from Bodega Dreams (2000) wrote a story about struggling inner city children trying to just get by. Every day they would be harassed and belittled by their teacher...

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