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Hero Definition Essay

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There is an echo of a voice crying the words, “Help!” in response you act quickly while realizing the building is in an inferno like no other, yet you keep pushing through the flames and are able to reach the person picking them up and the last voice you hear is from the person saying, “Thank you” as the roof caves onto both of you. That is what heroism is defined as in many perspectives and views. It is the knowledge of what is at risk but the true audacity of one to keep going. A hero is the model of being able to take on the role of a leader without giving up, knowing of what is ahead but to keep going, and ability to keep their word without the dishonesty of themselves.
An attribute of heroism is the ability to be a leader and never give up. This is symbolized in the article of “Love Triumphs: 6-Year-Old Becomes a Hero to Band of Toddlers, Rescuers”, by Ellen Barry, this article takes on the fact a 6-year-old went onto control of 6 people after hurricane Katrina hit. The 6 year old’s leadership is the outline of this situation. A noted sentence in the article is “A 6-year-old boy walking down the road, holding a 5-month-old, surrounded by five toddlers who followed him around as if he were their leader”. The 6 year old had to be aware that he had multiple people on the grip of his hand. It’s not that fact that makes him a hero thought but, the fact he never stopped once and just gave up. His loyalty to the group kept him going. What could have happen if he just gave up on himself and the group?
Many examples of heroism are shown each day, in humanity most of all, but to keep going and know what is coming is the strength of a hero. A lion is to a hero, a strong fearless creature that can’t be defeated. This example of heroism was shown greatly in the horrific event of 9/11, where two planes crashed into the buildings resulting in their collapse. 9/11 had an immense impact on the United States just because of the heroism done in it. One example in 9/11 is how people, absolutely...

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