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There are many stories that follow Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, and tells the tale of a Heroic character. These fables introduces us to heroes that begin their journey in an ordinary place, then receive a call to enter an unknown world full of bizarre powers and peculiar events. These heroes often display great traits, such as bravery or intelligence, that defines their character. One of these heroic's tales is Haroun and the Sea of Stories, telling the adventures of a young man named Haroun. This essay will prove that Haroun from Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie is a hero, because he possess heroic qualities. Haroun shows his heroic qualities by overcoming obstacles, helping his friends, and having good intentions.
Like many hero, Haroun must learn to overcome obstacles. One of these obstacles is his difficulties in saying focused, that were caused when his mother left him. However, Haroun did not abdicate his ability to think for more ...view middle of the document...

Another heroic trait is to help one's peers when they are in need. In the story, Khattam-Shud wants utilize Butt's brain to destroy the Ocean of the Streams of Stories, and Haroun managed to save his brain. This explains that Haroun is willing to risk his own safety to help a companion.“As he passed Cultmaster Khattam-Shud he stuck out his free hand and grabbed Butt the Hoopoe’s brain-box from the Cultmaster’s hand,” (Rushdie, 165). This tells readers that Haroun is altruistic, and how much he values his friends. He is not selfish or narcissistic, he is a hero who understands that the people around him are very important to his success. Selflessness also contributes immensely to Haroun's character development as a hero, because when one offers to help others, they would feel compelled to help back in the future. Haroun's selfless to help Butt the Hoopoe shapes a better relationship, and allowed them to work together to defeat Khattam-Shud in the end.
Haroun genuinely wants to help people. He wishes to save the Sea of Stories not just for himself, but for all the people of Kahani. Haroun says "I wish this Moon, Kahani, to turn… I wish it to turn, this very instant, in a such a way that the sun shines down on the Dark Ship, the full, hot noonday sun,” (Rushdie, 170). This tells us that Haroun has authentic intentions that are free from impurities. It is very important because some people have the ability to do good, but they decide not to. Haroun aims to turn the Moon, even though he is not sure if he can actually do it, thought that does not matter because Haroun has the aspirations and intent exceeds competence. This is an important heroic quality because it proves that Haroun is free from bias or prejudice, and a leader that is free from these things is able to tell the difference between good and evil. Therefore, Haroun should be applauded for having positive intentions.
In the novel, Haroun consistently demonstrates heroic qualities and character progression. Like other heroes, Haroun goes above and beyond to help his friends, and carry out heroic acts. He has qualities such as having positive intentions, selflessness, and the ability to overcome obstacles which defines his heroism.

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