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The Hero’s Journey is a specific pattern found in films, this is called a Monomyth and was described by Joseph Campbell in his film, The Hero with a thousand faces. Joseph described the Hero’s Journey to follow three specific phases; Departure, Initiation, and Return. The Hero’s Journey according to Joseph is about growth and learning, escaping a boring ordinary life and entering an extraordinary life with a new level of skill, awareness, and responsibility. A hero is a person who has given their life to something or someone bigger than himself. In order to even be considered a Hero, one has to be a male, often his parents are detached or absent from his life. A hero usually has a boring, ordinary life, where he is often criticized for his actions or is treated as an unequal. Sometimes a hero may have hidden powers or abilities that they do not know about, but will later discover.

In a Hero’s Journey the Departure phase consists of five steps, Call to adventure, Refusal, A mentor or companion, Crossing the threshold, and Belly of the whale. The call to adventure is when the hero is summoned to the quest, often to save the goddess in distress. Refusal occurs after the call to adventure and is when the hero will refuse the call out of fear and lack of confidence in him self. The mentor will come into the hero’s life and offers the hero knowledge and prepare him for his adventure to come, and convinces him to embark on the quest. As the hero prepares to exit the ordinary world and enter the special world, he will have to Cross the threshold to begin his journey. After crossing the threshold the hero will become trapped or has an obstacle that he must over come, this is known as The belly of the whale.

The next phase of the hero’s journey is Initiation, which consists of Trials, Meeting the goddess, Temptress, Return of mentor, and the Ultimate Boon. In the trials the hero will over come many obstacles and problems faced during his quest, he will often be aided by his mentors advice. After the hero has overcome all obsticles in his path he will meet with the goddess and rescue her from her captures. Soon after the hero will re-incounter his mentor and his mentor will help him to find his way back to the ordinary world. The final boon is the last phase of Initiation and is the direct response to the call to adventure, it is what is needed to finish the quest, the ultimate cimax in the film where the major tension if resolved and the goal of the journey is achieved.

The final phase of the heros journey is the Return, in the return the hero will experience refusal of return, the magic fight, crossing the final threshold, and return with the elixir. On the heros journey back he will often refuse to re enter the ordinary wolrd, but the hero will always commit to completing the journey and accept the road back to the ordinary world, even though it is difficult due to his major success from the special world. The hero will get a majic elixar from the...

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